Top 6 Luxury Watch Brands You Should Know

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A watch can complement your outfit, make you stand out in the crowd and also show your personality. However, to achieve all this you need to ensure you are not just wearing an old watch in your wrist. It needs to be a timepiece made with sturdy metal with a high-quality and comfortable leather band.

Mind you, a watch is not only meant to tell time but also to reflect your personality. If so, then you need to choose the perfect one for yourself. It is true, most watches are affordable but when it comes to the luxury ones, only the posh people can afford to buy.

If you are looking for a luxury watch that has the best design, high-quality and sturdy, then consider buying from the watch brands below.

1. TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is one of the world’s leading luxury watch brands in Switzerland and is popularly known for its TAG Heuer watches. Apart from watches, the company produces an array of innovative products in automobile racing and more. But its strongest point is the production of wristwatches. TAG Heuer watches have evolved tremendously but has retained the luxurious style for many years.

2. Omega

The first Omega watch was used in 1917 by Britain’s Royal Flying Corps as their official watch in their battalion. In 1918, the United States also did the same. For a watch to be considered the official timepiece in a combat unit it must pass several tests from quality, endurance, reliability, and more and Omega passed all the tests. The elegant design and durability of Omega made it be used in the James Bond film series.

3. Rolex

When the word Rolex is mentioned what comes in everyone’s mind is power, success, and luxury. Rolex is a brand that is recognized by its timepieces that are accurate in time telling, durable and can be used in almost any environment.

In fact, Rolex is perhaps the most popular luxury watch brand in the world. Rolex was born in London, United Kingdom but has since shifted its headquarters in Geneva Switzerland.

For most people, owning a Rolex watch is a status symbol that is associated with power and success but the brand is beyond that. Well, the price tags for Rolex watches are hefty but the craftsmanship and great designs make it worth it. Rolex was and is loved by prominent people in the world due to its high-end quality.

However, with popularity comes the price since Rolex being the most popular brand is also one of the most counterfeited in the market today. Therefore, when buying yours, you need to be cautious with the knockoffs, especially when buying on eCommerce websites like eBay and many others.

4. Panerai

Panerai is a luxury watch brand founded in Florence, Italy in 1860 and gained its popularity and fame when they started making timepieces and precision equipment for the Royal Italian Navy. Afterward, the brand started making military dive watches.

If you want an elegant, flashy, bold style that is combined with simple numeral elements, then consider buying watches by Panerai. The best thing? Panerai’s style suits almost any setting and occasion.

This watch brand is, was also loved by prominent persons including Bill Clinton, Sylvester Stallone, Jerry Ferrara, and more.

5. Hublot

Hublot is an award-winning luxury watch brand that has been in existence for a few years, unlike many other popular brands, but is known for the production of timepieces with elegant style. Its watches feature a simplistic design as well as high-quality materials.

6. Chopard

Chopard is not only a luxury watch brand but is also known to manufacture jewelry. When the brand was founded in the 19th century by Louis-Ulysse, it concentrated on manufacturing ladies pocket watches. At Chopard, sophistication is crucial and their watches have unique and elaborate designs.

In 1976, Chopard shook the market with its watches that feature a signature free-floating diamond behind sapphire glass. From the 80s, the brand started making sporty watches for men as well as diamonds for ladies. The brand is loved by many famous people including Jennifer Lawrence, Simon Cowell, and Matthew McConaughey, and many others.

To Wrap it Up

Having read this article, we hope you are now aware of where to buy your luxury watch the next time you want one.

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