Your Guide to Custom Gift Cards for E-Commerce in 2024

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Want to add custom gift cards to your e-commerce site? Check out our handy guide to learn how to source and design them first!

Your Guide to Custom Gift Cards for E-Commerce

With hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sites online, how do you get your store to stand out in the crowd? How do you make sure customers spend the almighty dollar on your site?

Though there are many e-commerce sites online, not all are equally successful – or even close for that matter. If you want to be in the small percentage that experiences true success online, you need to get creative.

One of the ways to get creative and gain more sales online is through custom gift cards for your e-commerce site. Continue reading to learn how to implement this strategy for your website.

Putting Custom Gift Cards to Work

As with any strategy, there are good ways to implement and bad ways. Let’s go through the best practices of getting started with the gift card strategy.

Find a Dependable Gift Card Supplier

Before you start to offer gift cards, you need to make sure you have a dependable supplier. You don’t want to sell cards and end up being on backorder right before Christmas or another high shopping holiday.

You need to work with a company that can give you a great gift card design that is attractive to customers. You also should look for a provider that isn’t going to break the bank. If it’s too expensive then this isn’t a good strategy for the long term.

Play by the Rules (Laws)

Before you start selling gift cards, make sure you are familiar with the laws. There are laws about how soon they can expire and the redemption fees you can put on the cards.

You don’t want to tangle with the law so make sure you’re up to date before you make the initial order.

Have a Promotion Strategy

Despite how nice it would be if your gift cards would fly off the shelves – they aren’t going to do that. You must have a promotion strategy in place. Why do people want to purchase your gift cards?

Gift cards work in any industry so don’t think your industry is unique. Whether you’re a service company or a product company, you can still use gift cards as a strategy successfully.

The first people you should market these gift cards to are the people that use your service or order products from you regularly. Since they like your company, they are likely to be glad to give your product or service as a gift to someone they care about.

There’s So Much More to Learn

Now that you know all about custom gift cards don’t stop the fun there. Learning how to do business successfully online can take time but most of all it takes specific knowledge.

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