5 Simple Steps To Become An Influencer Online

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It’s Really Not That Hard!

If you were wondering how to emerge as an online sensation (or a YouTube influencer) it’s really not that hard. But it does take more than simply vlogging frequently to gain a ton of subscribers.

Although the work-load is heavy, the fact is that ANYONE can become a YouTube influencer if they follow the plan outlined in this article. With the right planning, it really isn’t a hard thing to do. What it takes is patience, strategy, commitment, and dedication to begin to establish a following on YouTube or any social media channel.

5 Vital Steps For YouTube Domination

There are 5 vital steps for you to become a successful YouTube influencer. The truth is this: if you do not do these five things, you will never develop the online presence you need on YouTube to meet influencer status.

Here are some things you should do if you want to be social media famous:

1. Develop A Strategy

One of the most important things you must do is develop a strategy. This includes many different things and should be planned out in a very detailed way.

Your online strategy should be an overview of everything you do to improve your online presence. You should plan out social media posting, paid advertising, YouTube video content and the ways in which you will connect all of your online efforts.

If you have the capital, you could certainly hire a company to manage your online marketing and develop a strategy for you. This is ideal, however, it is not very cost-effective.

A great thing to do is copy the strategies of influencers you love. Look at the types of posts they create and make a plan based on what you learn. Eventually, down the line, you will be able to hire an agency to help you out.

2. Proper Branding

Creating a brand identity that speaks to your viewers and enhances your brand is crucial. This is an element that really can’t be overlooked. Your branding is what will draw people in, so you should do a ton of research to figure out how best to attract viewers.

Some common branding elements include:

  • logo
  • color palette
  • website
  • social media
  • style
  • fonts
  • print material

3. Invest In A Camera For Vlogging

If you want to be any type of online influencer, you will need the right tools. You will certainly need a webcam if you will be doing presentations which include pointing things out on a computer (a common scenario for digital marketing). And more than likely you will also need a quality camera for your vlogging efforts.

In the beginning, you can get away with just using your smartphone.

Tip: Making selfie videos are actually a great strategy that adds a level of personalization to your channel.

However, even using your smartphone in the beginning and periodically is ok, you should eventually invest in the right products. This will make a big difference for your brand and efforts.

Here are a few cameras we recommend:

  1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II x
  2. Canon EOS M50
  3. Panasonic Lumi

4. Be Sure To Create A Professional Website

If you really want to become an online influencer of any sort, you must have a website. Investing in a website is crucial as it shows your online fan-base that you are a credible influencer. Without a website, you would probably never make it to more than 10 subscribers.

Your web design should be consistent with all of your other branding elements. For example, if your overall presence online is fun and modern, you will want your website to be fun and modern too.

You can follow these tips when designing a website for your brand:

  1. create a website that is cohesive with your brand identity
  2. use your website to funnel web visitors to other channels
  3. consider SEO

If you follow these steps when creating your website, it will serve to boost your brand even more!

5. Create Content Consistently

If you really want to be a YouTube influencer, you are going to need to create content consistently. The fact is this- in the beginning, no one will probably watch your channel. So you must put your ego aside and create content even though it may be a little lame at first.

Most people expect to become a YouTube sensation within a few short weeks. And this is where most people fall away and stop posting content and never get the opportunity to be visible online. If you create content daily, eventually you’ll probably be a star.

To Wrap It Up

Becoming an influencer on YouTube or any social media channel is not an overnight ordeal. It takes patience, planning, and dedication.

Although it is a process, anyone can be an influencer if they follow these simple steps. We look forward to seeing you online. Good luck and happy vlogging!

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