How To Develop An On-Demand Laundry App Like Uber – Business Models & Popularity Reasons

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In the present time, on-demand apps become an inseparable part of life for the people. But, what the reason behind it? Why people are adopting on-demand apps with a welcoming heart? Just because it saves plenty of time for us? No, definitely not, on-demand apps are time-saving, its true. Apart from this, it also beneficial for people in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction, security, and scalability.

For instance, if you want to go somewhere, you can simply book Uber. If hungry, you can order food from Uber Eats. But what can you do with a pile of laundry if you are not willing to wash? This is where an on-demand laundry app comes in handy.

Why On-Demand Dry Cleaning And Laundry Services Are Popular?

Nowadays, on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services are getting popular among people, why? In today’s world, people are engaged with their busy schedule and nobody has the time to do petty household activities.

So, we can say that the on-demand laundry app allows people to utilize their time in pleasant activities instead of washing clothes. Moreover, dry cleaning and laundry services are progressing by leaps and bounds to bring significant income for entrepreneurs.

No doubt, on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services become an indispensable part of the service industry. On-demand mobile laundry apps not only make the washing process easy and quick but also convenient. Moreover, customers can make the use of these apps for any of the purposes from arranging pickup to reviewing the service.

As compared to other on-demand industries, the on-demand laundry sector is more competitive. Nevertheless, if you consider some significant aspects while creating an on-demand laundry app, your business has a good possibility to succeed. Following perspectives include:

  • Business model
  • Functionality
  • Unique features of the service

Reasons To Do On-Demand Laundry App:

1. By making some clicks on the smartphone, users can get rid of unpleasant chores and spend their evenings in the tasks they love to do.

This approach of on-demand laundry app allows your app users to pay and book for the washing of clothes along with pick up and delivery service. In addition to it, allow your customers to choose the method of washing. For instance, they want toxin-free cleaning or a simple detergent wash for their clothes.

2. Secondly, for those who are already running a dry cleaning business, the On-demand laundry app can work as the icing on the cake. It can be an excellent way to scale their existing enterprise.

Earlier, the laundry businesses require considerable financial investments, all these costs can be controlled by making an on-demand laundry app for your business. In other words, the on-demand laundry app can help boost your laundry service.

3. Next, if you are not interested in making an upfront investment, you can build a platform model to provide a successful laundry service without making any heavy investment.

From the recent few years, on-demand laundry services have completely modified the situation of the market. as it is achieving more in a short time. Following are some of the companies that have impressive revenue and growing continuously:

  • Cleanly – $2 million per year
  • FlyCleaners – $1 million per year
  • Rinse – $1 million per year

The aforementioned stats make it clear that on-demand laundry apps are the call of the present time world and have a bright future. No doubt, there is a giant competition in this industry, but with a robust on-demand laundry app furnished with the latest features can help you beat competitors. But before you start developing a gratifying app, you should choose a business model for your app.

Business Models for On-Demand Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services:

Basically, there are two types of business models that existing companies follow in that niche:

  • On-site: If you are running a laundry business, but unable to get satisfying results then you can go with the on-site business model. You can create an on-demand app that allows customers to make an order online for the pick-up and delivery of laundry service in the least time possible and at reasonable prices.
  • Marketplace (The Aggregation model): In the second case scenario: For business start-ups that don’t have their own pieces of equipment, the marketplace model or the aggregator business model will be a perfect fit. If you create an app by keeping this business model in mind, it allows the customers to find different laundry services available in their nearby area.

How To Develop An On-Demand Laundry App:

To create a flourishing on-demand laundry app, you may need to develop the following perspectives for the same:

  1. Customer App
  2. Delivery App
  3. Laundry App
  4. Admin Panel

Customer App:

The customer app is going to be operated by app users. Users can register to the app by sharing their personal information, such as name, address, and phone number. Moreover, a customer app empowers users to:

  • Account Registration and Login
  • Service Selection
  • Scheduling Delivery and PIck-up
  • Order Tracking
  • Rate and Review The Service

Delivery App:

Once the customer makes an order for the laundry service, it directly goes to the delivery app. By making the use of this app, they are capable of doing:

  • Order Information along with pickup and drop-off timings.
  • Confirm Orders
  • Attach locations to the map so that delivery and pickup become easy
  • Track the order status and make the orders ready for delivery

Laundry App:

The delivery app is associated with the laundry app. Laundry app consists of all the information about an order, such as order number, service type, and more. Once the order is ready, responsibility comes to the delivery app. Furthermore, all these processes are regulated by the admin panel. It includes:

  • Customer data
  • Order History
  • Reviews
  • Employee data
  • Dashboard

How An On-Demand Laundry App Works:

Order, pick-up, laundry, and drop-off are the four main pillars of on-demand apps. Let us see how such mobile applications work:

  1. Order: By making the use of the mobile application, a customer make orders online and also schedule a preferred pickup time
  2. Pickup: Once the customer is done with the order, a delivery boy picks the clothes up and take them for laundry.
  3. Laundry: When the clothes will reach to the laundry, their professionals will wash and iron the clothes.
  4. Drop-off: Once the laundry professional is done with the washing and ironing process, they will handover the clothes to the delivery boys so that they can make the delivery within the appointed time.

End Notes:

Overall, the on-demand laundry app for both Android and iOS should be handy and user-friendly. The on-demand laundry app should be designed with such an approach that saves both time and money for the customers.

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