5 Essential Qualities of a Winning App Store Optimization Strategy

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As per estimation, about 2.87 billion people around the world will be using smartphones by 2020. Yes, the world has gone mobile and so do the businesses today.

Hence, no wonder that the power of mobile apps is catching up with heavy importance lately. However, endeavors for a proper App Store Optimization (ASO) are still overlooked.

If you’re looking to optimize your app for better visibility and conversion, then you’re at the right place. Here, in this article, five essential characteristics of an able App Store Optimization are discussed.

Qualities of a Winning App Store Optimization Strategy

Keyword Research – Where you should actually Start

Keyword Research for ASO

This is a highly ignored part, as far as ASO is concerned. In most cases, people move on to all other procedures, even before they make appropriate keyword research.

But in reality, thorough keyword research is certainly the point, where one should start.

Only after being clear with what kind of keywords you want to tap in, you could optimize your app listing rightly. The best practice is to find the keywords with the minimal competition but high demands: i.e. focus more on mid and long-tail keywords.

You could find such keywords, via various keyword tools available online.

App Title – The Face of your App on the Store

App Title

Well, you’d have probably brainstormed and gone through plundering research to find an attention-grabbing name for your app. But, it isn’t just sufficient, when it comes to placing it in the app store.

You need to place your primary keywords, along with the name of the app. You could see this fashion in all the well-optimized apps.

Google offers 50 characters for the App Title, while Apple has broken it down into two, namely – App Name (30 characters) and Subtitle (30 characters).

Graphic Stuff – Needs to be Clear and Illustrative

The graphic stuff, such as icons, screenshots, feature graphic, etc. visually have a greater impact on attracting users for better conversion rate. This is the place, where everyone wants to prove their competence. But, people tend to overdo things and end up with a cluttered app store listing.

For best results, go for a simple, clear, and uncluttered design and layout. Also, make sure that the overall graphic assets are aligned with the actual mood of your app.

And, if your budget permits, don’t hesitate to work with a professional designer, to get this done. This part especially needs a touch of professional hands.

Text Fields – Needs your Attention too

This is again a vastly unheeded factor, amidst the efforts for acquiring better graphic features. The text fields all over the app store product page are equally as important as the graphic features.

They are also the ones that pose as the deciding factor when it comes to app store ranking. Therefore, mind to insert necessary keywords into the text fields, wherever necessary.

In the App Store (Apple), there is a Keywords field with a limit of only 100 characters are given. So, you’ll have to use such a cramped space wisely.

While on the other hand, in Play Store (Google) there is Short (80 characters) and Full Description (4000 characters) offered. So you can split your description, in a more explanative manner. However, take care not to repeat the same keywords in both sections.

User Reviews & Ratings – Create Avenues for Positive Reviews

ASO User Reviews & Ratings

Most of the users consider the reviews and ratings as a personal recommendation. Yes, almost all the visitors do make it a point to check the reviews section, before making an app transaction. Therefore, user reviews have a direct impact on the number of app downloads.

So, create avenues to encourage users to leave a positive review at the app store listing. For this, you will have to envision and predict your users’ journey with the app. Therefore, you’ll know when to ask for a rating or review.

At the same time, also sets up an efficient process flow to take necessary action upon the negative reviews. This will help you alleviate the negative impact of the negative reviews, by counteracting it.


Exactly everyone out there wants their app to get extensive visibility and higher ranking in the app store: be it on either Google or Apple’s app stores.

But, it only comes out of an efficient and competent App Store Optimization strategy. This article has pondered upon such strategies, and it’d have hopefully been useful to you.

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