10 Powerful Writing Tool for Crafting SEO-Friendly Content

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisations is the process of optimizing the content of a website through technical configuration to increase the relevancy of the page and rank it higher on customer search results. This is done to make the page easily findable, more relevant, and popular to potential consumers. The main aim of SEO is to give Google a platform to categorize your content and make it easily available to users if it falls under the search criteria.

For example, if you search the word ‘escape room’ on Google, the first few websites that appear on your webpage are the ones that have optimized SEO to the maximum. The rankings of Google depend majorly on how well SEO has been used by a webpage. SEO helps in attracting free, organic, and natural traffic to your website. The higher a website is listed on the search page, the more and more people would be able to access it, and thus, there will be a higher revenue generated from content.

SEO can be regarded as the first step to content marketing. It is generally based on the series of searches that have been generated by the people, and those searches make Google acquainted with which page should go on top. These searches are a mix of Google keywords and phrases, and thus, incorporating those in the articles, blogs, and website content can help generate good rankings.

Why SEO Content Optimisation Tools?

Many bloggers wonder what the use of SEO optimization tools in delivering quality content to consumers is. The answer lies within the question itself, delivering quality content. SEO is a great way to ensure that quality content is delivered to all the consumers answering every question they have in mind.

SEO over the years has become very complicated, and hence these tools help in better understanding of how SEO can be used to generate good quality content. These tools help in collaborating with all the content you might need to work with while working towards getting a better SEO ranking. But it is important to be kept in mind that these tools would not improve your ranking overnight.

Top 10 Powerful Writing Tools for Crafting SEO-Friendly Content

There are a billion tools in the market for generating good quality SEO content. But you cannot trust each one when it comes to delivering a good website. So, to make the task easier on you, we have prepared a list of the top 10 SEO writing tools which you must try to make the content easily accessible and usable by everyone.

1. PRO WritingAid

Are grammar and spelling where your content needs the most help? Then, this is the perfect tool for you that checks the grammar and spellings of your content automatically and also gives an in-depth report on over-utilized words, sentence length, and redundancies while writing content. It is also a great tool to check the readability of the content and get instant feedback.

2. Grammarly

This is one of the most popular and efficient SEO tools for building healthy and easily readable content for your webpage. The best part about Grammarly is that it helps you to deliver content with the best use of grammar, removing redundancy in sentences, and making it easily consumable by the readers. You can also customize your content, its tone, audience, and platform for the audience it is intended for, and The Grammarly premium features are one of the best for removing any undue doubts and errors from your content.

3. WordStream

Are you looking for a platform to help you research about best keywords? Well, you have got one from here. This is one of the best tools which is easily accessible, well-respected, and helps in generating the best keywords for your content. Picking the right keyword is essential when you are trying to deliver quality content.

4. Ludwig Guru

You are still confused if you are using the right verb sense? Ludwig helps you by recommending you a series of options via the use of an asterisk tool and helps you generate quality content to find the right word or phrase. It all gives you the option to find and complete the sentence structure easily.

5. Copywriter

Are you an aspiring copywriter? This tool will provide you with options a bit more than just the basics! This tool offers you a readability checker, duplicate content checker, keyword density checker, article rewriter, and much more. The best part is that this tool is completely affordable and helps in improving the on-page SEO.

6. SEO Tagg

This tool helps you in giving real-time research in finding and monitoring the use of keywords as you write. The software will suggest options within your writing to include additional keywords so that your content ranks at the top. The main aim of this tool is to boost the performance of your content and make it easy for bloggers and content writers.

7. Market Muse

This tool will help you in improving the search results on Google by giving you features like first and brief drafts, content advisory and strategy, collaboration and planning tools, competitor research, and more. And hence, all this will effectively help you in increasing the productive content and boosting the traffic of your website organically.

8. Links

The main aim of links is to help you achieve a better ranking by giving you a series of the best entity-based SEO, which can help you in maintaining a high ranking for a longer duration of time. Some features this tool offers include knowledge graphs to show the content ranking and internal link creation tools for the establishment of internal links.

9. Clear Scope

If your content is not ranking even after so many efforts, then Clear Scope can help you by giving content briefs about the keyword search volume and unlimited sharing and exporting to other external writers.

10. Frase

This is a trendy software that helps you by eliminating guesswork to optimize content and boost its ranking. The automated content briefs will help you in increasing the workflow of your content by producing content briefs. Al writers will help you by producing FAQs writing a click and avoiding plagiarism by rephrasing the content.

These were just a few of the best tools which can help you increase your ranking and make the best use of SEO. But as mentioned above, it can take a minimum of one month for SEO to search your content. The key is to be consistent and keep learning from the process.

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