6 Most Popular IoT Development Services

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining popularity last years. Nowadays, a lot of large corporations offer various solutions for the development of IoT. Technology can simplify business and achieve success very fast. Below, you can see the basic solutions for the implementation and use of various services of IoT development services.

1. Smart City Lighting Solutions

No value is the largest company offering unique lighting solutions for metropolis and countryside areas using automation and LEDs lighting. The IoT software designed for this company allows you to analyze the illumination level of a specific zone, collect the expected ones and send them to the control panel. The decentralized system allows full control over different lighting groups throughout the city.

As a result of painstaking work, the team of Euristiq created LUMINTELL™, which immediately registered a patent. The main advantage of such an application is the ability to control the lighting system with a mouse and indicate problems directly on the PC display.

The Euristiq team has developed a user-friendly interface for visualizing each city lighting mast and monitoring its operation across a large community.

Thanks to the professional approach, the customer has improved the finances by reducing the costs of managing the system. Our IoT applications also significantly reduce oxygen combustion and CO2 emissions.

2. Smart office solutions for intellectuals Using the workplace

Tektelic is a well-known brand from Canada, which main activity is the creation and implementation of motion sensors, as well as IoT applications around the world. Euristiq engineers have completed an interesting order to improve the efficiency of meeting rooms and conference rooms using the Internet of Things.

Everyone knows that in the multi-story offices of large companies, employees experience problems with ordering meeting rooms. There is always enough free space, and calendars are often labeled incorrectly.

A group of our engineers has developed a technology for scanning telemetry data and analyzing them with transmission to the head computer. The customer received the opportunity to assess the degree of efficiency of using office space.

An IR sensor is installed in each conference room, which scans the presence of people, and each chair is equipped with a sensor that identifies the presence of a person on it and the time of using the sitting place during the working day. The application’s decentralized architecture allows information to be transferred to any remote control device.

As a result of the implementation of the applications, the staff responsible for the distribution of conference rooms can use simple Office to control their occupancy, as well as the percentage of space utilization during the working day.

3. Comprehensive IoT solution for skydivers

For the correct operation of the altimeter, not only the comfort but also the safety of the parachutist depends. The Danish company, which produces high-precision equipment for parachuting, turned to the development of an innovative application that would allow two-way communication of security services on the ground with the user and the ability to control the correct operation of the device.

Modern altimeters are built into the helmets of athletes and give them a signal to deploy the parachute. Mobile applications allow you to quickly change the altimeter settings, depending on weather conditions, personal wishes, and for reasons of human safety.

Based on the results of the work of experienced engineers, a multifunctional mobile application for Android was developed. It allows you to enter different boundary parameters into the altimeter.

Among the important parameters are weather conditions, aircraft model, flight speed, and other data.

In addition to sound signals, our application also provides a detailed collection of data about the current program and allows you to improve it before each next jump.

4. IoT application for city bicycle rental services

In many countries of Western Europe, the GoBike electric bike rental service from a well-known Danish company has been operating for a long time already. The customer came to Euristiq with the idea of creating a unique rental e-bikes technology for easy managing the process.

Each bicycle of the company is equipped with a multifunctional mini-computer with a convenient display and the possibility of wireless communication with a mobile device. The client can register in the app, link his payment card, pay for the company’s services. use the equipment for its intended purpose and plan his movement around the city, depending on the rate.

Company managers, in turn, can always determine the location of bicycles within the metropolitan area.

This application allows you to expand the popularity of using the electric bikes rental service, under the European requirements for reducing emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

5. In-store customer tracking system Development

In the context of rapidly growing competition in the consumer market, it is necessary to optimize the workload in every major supermarket. This will require an analysis of the effectiveness of the work of free cash registers, merchandisers in the sales area, and other personnel staff with customers. This problem is especially relevant for large retailers, whose networks have hundreds and thousands of stores around the world.

The customer, who approached Euristiq, asked to implement the idea of tracking customers and employee performance in the sales space. The main requirement for developers is the production of a scalable system that would be able to control not only already operating, but also newly opened retail outlets.

The company has developed a convenient and cheap application for collecting analytical information about store traffic, the time spent by each employee when working with customers. A convenient program allows you to redistribute the workforce in such a way that each staff is maximally involved in the performance of direct service and daily duties.

6. Traffic monitoring system with Automatic incident detection

One of the main problems of large cities is the overloading of roads with transport. In such situations, road services are not always able to identify the problem, accident, and send help on time.

The Euristiq team had two main tasks – to create an application for collecting statistics about the traffic density of highways and city roads, as well as a smart system for the modern detection of road accidents.

The customer received a convenient software that allows him to manage the entire traffic situation in the area of operation of the road cameras and radars in real-time.

This made it possible to save the lives of people, which is especially important when cars are moving on busy roads, on bridges, and in tunnels of large cities.

For the conclusion

According to the examples, you can see how the IoT helps make life easier for people, as well as increase the income of companies. More and more representatives of business and social services, including government agencies, are switching to using the Internet of Things. Our team can say with confidence that these technologies influence the future of all developed countries in the world.

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