The Latest iOS 13 Update – All You Need to Know

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This is a big month for all Apple fans, as they just released three new phones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. It seems like this new “Pro” word will be on every Apple product in the future. They introduced all sorts of improvements over the last generation of iPhones with improved camera, faster processor, increased durability and much more.

However, these new phones would have been less exciting if Apple did not release its new iOS 13 updates. All the new hardware improvements will be also backed up by their new update covering all sorts of software changes. The new phones made people running towards Apple stores like they are in a horse race as in any new Apple release.

This also is great news for people with older iPhone models as the iOS 13 will cover all devices from the iPhone 6S/ iPhone SE above. So, even older models can have the newly redesigned software with all its features.

Let’s see what this new update has to offer.

Dark Mode

Obviously, this was one of the highly anticipated software updates on the iPhone. Even though other phone manufacturers already have this option on their phones, Apple decided to lunch it with the iOS 13 update.

This means that you can change the color of your screen from bright with and light gray to black and dark gray on all applications. This is a very important feature, especially for night usage as it makes the phone less shiny. Also, it can also save energy on OLED iPhones (iPhone X and above) by turning off pixels when rendering black areas.

QuickPath Keyboard

This feature enables you to swipe your finger over the keyboard and type whatever you like. This feature is especially useful for one-hand typing.

Multimedia Changes

The camera on this new update also gets a few bells and whistles. You can now change the intensity of the light in Portrait Mode, and also include couple of new effects such as High-Key Mono. Picture size changing is now available in the camera app. This means you can choose different layouts such as square or 16:9.

The gallery is also updated, and it is now called “a diary of your life” documenting your best photos of the day, month or year. You can also pinch-zoom with other controls that are easier.

Photo and video editing are also improved as you can adjust colors, add or remove filters, crop, add effects, cut videos and etc.

New Siri Voice

Apple decided to make Siri’s voice more natural than before. The tone is still the same but somehow they managed to create it less robotic. This can be noticed when Siri says longer phrases and it is a nice improvement.

Memoji Upgrade

You can now design your own memoji with different hair, eyes, and makeup combinations. So, from now on you can create your own stickers that can be shared with your friends on all devices. You can also share them with your iMessage but only when you grant them the access.

FaceTime correction

Apple decided to go for artificial intelligence with the new update. It was really frustrating when you are using face time and your eyes see the screen instead of the camera. With Apple’s new AI technology the glaze of your eyes can be changed to look straight into the camera.

Face ID Improvements

Since we do not have a fingerprint scanner for a while, the Face ID feature is the one we love. Now it comes with an expanded field of view making it easier to unlock and faster processing.

PS4 Controller Capability

You can now connect your PS4 controller with your iPhone and play games on it. Yes, this feature is finally here and you can pair the iPhone and the controller so they will connect to one another. Imagine playing the football odds in the new Madden NFL game or playing FIFA in your iPhone anywhere you go. Unfortunately, this could be only done by PS4 controller, but Xbox One Support is on the way.

These are some of the big changes in the new iOS 13, there are also many different design changes that look amazing. If you still haven’t updated your iPhone, make sure to do that as soon as possible and unlock its full potential.

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