FAQs on the Call Forwarding Service for Your Business

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Have you tried calling somebody who’s not available and you went straight to voicemail? Stats show that 80 percent of business calls go to voicemails, and customers only receive a response rate of 4.8 percent.

Keep in mind that customer responsiveness is essential in driving customer loyalty and ensuring that they won’t take their business elsewhere. One of the ways to ensure customer responsiveness is by adopting a call forwarding service into your business.

In general, call forwarding allows businesses to forward incoming calls to a phone or multiple phones all at once to asseverate that customer queries get answered immediately. Interestingly, the requests may even get redirected without your phone ringing.

The Call Forwarding Service can also be activated when:

  1. The phone is not answered
  2. The network lines are busy
  3. The device is turned off
  4. There’s no cell coverage

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding this service:

How many devices can it handle?

The numbers vary according to the service provider. Usually, you can forward the call to as many as ten devices simultaneously.

How important is call stacking?

You can also arrange calls in order through call stacking. For instance, if you have a problem and the department supervisor doesn’t answer the phone, the request will automatically be forwarded to the assistants.

This process ensures that the right person resolves the problem. However, not all service providers offer this feature. Talkroute has this service.

How do I know if the number is routed from the Call Forwarding Service?

All calls display the number of the caller on the Caller ID, so there’s no way of knowing this unless you change the Caller ID. By changing the default setting, you can display all numbers routed to the service provider such as Talkroute, so you know where the number is coming.

Can I change the ringtone for calls in a queue?

Instead of a ringtone, opt for on-hold music, and this is a better option if you know that you can’t pick up the phone right away to answer the customer.

There’s a whole psychological explanation for it. A ringing tone drags the time and makes it seem longer than it is. Typically one ring is about 3 seconds and another 3 seconds of silence. That’s one cycle.

By breaking the rhythm, people might not notice the time difference so much. For this work, picking the type of music is also crucial. Opt for famous pop songs instead of a repeated musical tone for better results.

Can I keep my existing number or do I have to get a new one?

You have the option of keeping your old number, which can be convenient if that’s what you have been using for your business transactions.

You can also ask the service provider for a vanity number that holds significance to your business. If you have more questions, contact Talkroute now on how you can get of hold their call forwarding service.

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