How Can AI Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

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AI or artificial intelligence is a complex technology and is increasingly being adopted in several businesses, companies, and industries. The advent of AI/AI-powered tools and software is currently supporting top-notch technologies like VR and augmented reality from several business angles. The system of using intelligent machines is seen as the future and statistics confirm the same.

Unfortunately, when some people think of AI, chatbots, Alexa, or Siri comes to mind. In the real sense, any machine that is programmed to function like humans or better than them carries an element of AI in it. With that, it shouldn’t surprise you when we say that you can extendedly use AI in digital marketing.

There are many applications of AI in digital marketing today and the latest statistics indicate that 80% of industry experts incorporate some form of AI into their internet marketing activities. To substantiate, figures show that AI is highly trusted for targeted marketing and personalization of content.

Therefore, if you’re a digital marketer looking for ways to enhance your digital marketing strategies, here is how AI can help you achieve your goal.

1. Better Understanding of Customers

For brands with a diverse product catalog, things like customer segmentation and demographics can be difficult to decipher. Similarly, questions like which marketing channel would be suitable for reaching out to the customers, or whether they will buy or not are key facets to consider in digital marketing. In addition, getting it right with pricing and offers in a way that fetches the desired ROI isn’t also an easy task.

However, AI can simplify complex marketing processes with just a few clicks. It can also act as a backbone for every approach you may desire to take to promote your white label agency. Generally, AI-powered digital marketing tools or platforms analyze massive volumes of data and turn it into actionable insights. With that, you can understand what customers are looking for, the best prices, and the quantities they are willing to buy.

Generally, AI-powered marketing platforms take complex processes, digest them, and then offer answers that can help digital marketers make marketing strategies more efficient. With the answers, you can also know which stage of a customer journey a customer is at, their preferences, and previous consumer habits. With this, you are positioned to minimize errors, automate repetitive tasks, and cut marketing costs.

2. Product Recommendation

Modern computers and software systems have become smarter to the extent that they can analyze user behavioral patterns and predict things that customers might be interested in or future outcomes. In many areas, systems, especially AI-powered solutions do prove more effective than humans.

When it comes to digital marketing, AI systems perform exceptionally when given the right data. Generally, they can analyze the provided or existing data and draw conclusions from it. With that, you can leverage AI to push your products or services in front of customers.

A perfect example, in this case, is Netflix. The company’s VP of product innovation is candid about its recommendation practice. The digital marketing practice earns the company huge and its revenue can be optimized to up to $1 billion a year when coupled with personalization.

With that, whether you are a digital marketer for a streaming company or an eCommerce site, you can rely on AI to bring your products or services in front of the right eye. This will improve profit margin and help a brand remain relevant at all times.

3. Targeted Marketing

Getting products or services in front of the right customers is becoming more and more difficult due to the competitiveness of eCommerce and the digital marketing field. Yet, on the other hand, traditional marketing channels like newspapers, TV, and radio advertisements are no longer a top choice. That’s generally because it’s difficult to personalize marketing content as per customer segmentation.

However, with AI-powered tools or apps, there is less to worry about. The systems can provide insights into the number of customers who are most likely to buy as well as their preferences. With that, they can help you position your ads better. Google and Facebook targeted advertising platforms plus recommendation technology are currently helping digital marketers maximize the efficacy of their digital marketing strategies.

4. Predictive Analytics

Technological capabilities and the ability to always meet customer needs timely are key critical success factors in the business realm today. But how can a business meet future customer needs without a clear perception? Artificial intelligence however can help businesses of all sizes across industries predict and meet future customer needs.

Currently, AI-powered tools and software can be utilized to understand current customer behaviors and interests. AI platforms with the help of algorithms can present data about a customer including behavioral and web habits. The tools can also show a customer’s action or response with specific ads. With this, you can attain insights into future trends and customer purchasing habits and take the necessary action.

5. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Modern businesses are no longer driven by guesswork, but by data instead. Whether it’s introducing new products, technology, or expanding a business, data is key in decision-making.

AI-powered tools are able to sieve large data in a way that offers insights and the solution is becoming prevalent in digital marketing. AI can simplify data and offer it more accurately than human beings. With that, you can make more informed decisions and render the marketing campaign more effective.

Some of the other ways AI is improving digital marketing campaigns are via content creation, integrating it into customer relationship management, and chatbots. AI-powered chatbots can conduct conversations with customers and the data can be leveraged to improve customer service and experience. Similarly, there are AI platforms like Jasper that digital marketers can utilize to create or generate quality content for any campaign.

Bottom Line

Digital marketers deal with a lot and from scheduling emails, and creating content, to customer follow-up, these tasks require a lot of time and diligence which may not be possible at all times. However, the advent of AI in digital marketing is the beginning of a new experience for digital marketers. AI can not only simplify digital marketing tasks, and improve a campaign’s effectivenesses, but it also directly impacts business ROI.

All that you need to do is analyze the possible AI solutions and the digital marketing areas that can be empowered by AI. The technology is widely helping businesses and digital marketers run optimized campaigns and it can surely help you too.

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