Free vs Paid Web Hosting – Which One Bloggers Should Use?

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Blogging is one of the trendy things nowadays and it is one of the best things to have as it can be a great source of income and one of the best sources to influence others by sharing your thoughts with the world. Your blog can only achieve perfection and more audience engagement only if it is responsive which can only be possible if you have an active and amazingly reliable web hosting and a secure server connection. Web hosting is the engine of your blogging career and the heart of your site as it provides a solid internet appearance to your blog. Blogs are of many types but the hosting can be of only two. Your blog can either be a free web host blog or you can avail the paid services which are obviously the best one.

Well, in this article, We will provide you with all sorts of valuable and viable data related to the free web hosting services and paid web hosting services available over the vast space of the internet. We will also provide you with all the insight about the best and useful web hosting types which a blogger nowadays should use which can be really beneficial for them and also assisting them in every aspect. We will also tell you about all the pros and cons of the free web hosting comparing it with the paid web hosting along with a conclusion providing you a free choice to choose from either one of them.

So without taking much of your valuable time, we will jump straight towards the knowledge sharing process which will enlighten you the most for gaining knowledge for free and paid web hosting benefits and which one is better for the use of bloggers in today’s fast-paced world.

Free Web Hosting:

The idea of everything which is free sounds really interesting and here it is real. You can have your own personal blog over the internet free of cost and can also gain an authorized domain name with all the utilities which a web hosting services tend to provide their customers. As for bloggers who are just starting out, free web hosting is an ideal way to learn can share your ideas with the world also having a strong online presence with a secure site link.

The blogs which are usually running on free hosting are known as a self-hosted blog which avails all the free services of the web hosting service provider and doesn’t have to worry about any kind of expense but like everything, it also has its drawbacks. Free web hosting services provide poor technical support so if you got stuck in some kind of a situation then it would take a lot of time to fix. There is also a problem of the lower bandwidth of the required server as the free web hosting of many pages are stacked in a single web server with lesser bandwidth and lower space.


  • No charge everything free of cost
  • Space to experiment freely with all the utilities


  • Lesser bandwidth and tech support

Paid Web Hosting:

Paid web hosting is undoubtedly have better services and resources as compared to the free web hosting services in the market and this is one of the best choices for the bloggers all over the world. Paid web hosting is extremely efficient as it provides the bloggers unlimited space for their content in their blog page along with unlimited bandwidth and email saving database which not only helps to increase the reader base of your blog but also helps to generate email list for further networking and promotion.

The paid web hosting services also provide the bloggers the benefit of free one-click WordPress installation of WordPress on their blog for a smooth running of their site over the vast space of the internet. Not only this, when you purchase a paid web hosting services you also get amazing offers on web hosting and free coupons and deals on gaining discount on the price of the paid web hosting service. It also provides you the facility of extra add-ons to your page and makes it more efficient and reliable for the readers to use. Your money also remains secure when you take a paid hosting service as they have a trusted money back guarantee for the users.


  • Efficient speed and high rated utilities
  • Best technical support
  • Stable and effective performance


  • Increase in the expense ratio

Which type of hosting bloggers should use:

Well after reading all this you would have enough information of both the paid web hosting services and the free web hosting services so now you can easily judge whether you need which one of them for your blog. According to a survey, most of the people take the free web hosting services when they start blogging and are learning to increase their reader base. On the contrary, the bloggers which perform a job of full-time blogging and know everything about what they are doing they usually tend to gain more reader’s base for their blog and higher bandwidth with other utilities. Most of the bloggers nowadays recommend HostGator as one of the best hosting services in the market.


So here are some of the best whys through which a blogger can choose from a paid and free web hosting services in the market according to their need. I am sure you will love this article to the extent of your heart because of the informative and knowledgeable content provided in this article. I hope that after reading all the information in this article, all the problems which have been floating in your head and bothering you would be resolved but if there is still anything which is left unclear then feel free to ask us anything you need to know about the Free vs Paid Web Hosting services in the market and which are better for the real-time bloggers. So stay tuned with us for more updated and informative content created just for you.

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