5 File Synchronization Software That You Need to Know About

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A program that is used to synchronize your files across one or more devices automatically is a file synchronization software. Such a software stores your data conveniently so that you can access your data from anywhere and edit, copy or stream easily. In this fast-paced modern world, we all want our records to be accessible whenever we need them, and file synchronization software helps you do the same. Here, we have listed 5 such software with their pros and cons for you to choose from.


This is a popular cloud storage service. The dropbox operates as a folder in an OS. When you drop or paste files to the Dropbox folder, it automatically gets backed up and also gets downloaded in all other devices which are logged into the same account.

Dropbox isn’t free, the first 2GBs are following which you have to choose a paid plan to continue using this service. There are many different plans to choose from.


  • Manually select the bandwidth limit.
  • It gives you 30 days to undo deleted files.
  • The files get encrypted when on the Dropbox website.
  • Files can be uploaded and downloaded without the need for the app.


  • To sync, the data needs to be stored first online.

Resilio Sync

BitTorrent Sync, now known as Resilio Sync, is a peer to peer synchronization program. Unlike Dropbox where you put files in a particular folder to be synced, Resilio Sync needs you to pick the folders that need syncing with various devices.

On upgrading Resilio Sync, you can avail the option of selecting syncing that allows you to sync only a specific file from a specified folder.


  • The files aren’t being saved online.
  • Folder selection for syncing is possible.
  • Creating a user account is not necessary.
  • Controls for bandwidth adjustment available.
  • Syncing of encrypted folders is possible.


  • Since the files aren’t stored online, you cannot access them from a browser.


This file synchronization software is the most flexible and gives you the highest number of options. Such flexibility and customizability work smoothly across all devices.

In GoodSync, two folders are in sync at a time. And you can have your data backed up automatically on a device that you connect like a phone, ext hard drive, etc. The free version has limited functions, the paid version of GoodSync lets you explore all its possibilities.


  • Variety of options.
  • Folder support through many locations.
  • You can filter subfolders during sync.
  • Syncing files from the phone is possible.
  • Encryption and bandwidth adjustment is supported.
  • Files from all other devices that are connected are accessible.


  • The settings can get confusing at times.


This is a lesser-known sync program compared to the other ones listed here. SyncToy can keep two folders in sync but can’t do the same across various networks. This program comes handy when your files are in a hard drive, external hard drive, or a flash drive.

SyncToy auto-updates your music library in Dropbox if you pair it with the music folder in Dropbox.


  • Free from any limitations.
  • Easy setup.
  • Many optional settings are available.
  • Supports contribute and echo, additional sync methods.


  • Only for Windows OS.
  • Syncing with computers outside the local network is not possible.


SyncBack is another file sync software that comes in a lot of versions, namely, SyncBackFree, SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, and SyncBackLite. With SyncBack you can compress, sync, and backup files.

Other features include copying files that are locked, business use, save to DVD and backup emails.


  • It’s free, excluding the added features.
  • Sync, mirror, back up are the primary tasks it performs.
  • It can sync with many folders.


  • Mac OS and Linux users cannot access all options.
  • SyncBack Touch is needed to sync with any other computer that is off the network.

Synchronizing files is essential. Be it personal or professional files, we tend to need such programs in our lives. The benefits of syncing are many, some of which are organized data and files, comfortable arrangement, and accessibility.

The programs listed offer different possibilities, and all the listed ones have sound potential. I hope the article helps you choose a file synchronization software that suits your needs.

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