6 Features a Biometric Attendance Machine Must Have

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More and more SMEs and start-ups are automating their repetitive day-to-day activities to drive towards a digital environment. While most companies use a card reader and other automated devices today, they still rely on manual time tracking and complicated spreadsheets to monitor employee time and attendance.

Manual time monitoring, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, is complicated and curbs its potential growth and expansion. Only when you build an effective internal structure that is flexible and reliable can the organization achieve its full potential.

Biometric Attendance Machine
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The first step in your path to strengthen your company’s protection and increase the efficiency of your workers is switching to a biometric attendance machine. With many biometric attendance machines in the market, how do you choose the right one for your organization?

Don’t worry! When reviewing Biometric Attendance Machines, check out these top 7 features:

1. Access Control

In addition to the time-tracking system, biometric attendance machines may also be used for safety purposes, such as limiting non-authorized workers to the building’s secured areas. Look for appliances that have integrated features for access control. Integrated systems contribute to growing the organization’s efficiency as well as security.

2. User Capacity

Look for a biometric attendance machine that can store many identification forms (fingerprints, ears, palm, etc.) and check them, even though your company currently has just a few employees. This way, as the company expands over the years, the device will enrol new workers.

3. Connectivity

Biometric machines need Internet access as a mandatory feature. The readers pass the individual staff’s clock-in and clock-out time to the attendance and HR payroll system. Internet access is also mandatory for upgrading the device and keeping it running in the future without bugs. Since we are talking about connectivity, USB compatibility can easily back up the data using an external computer.

4. Identification Time

The effectiveness of a biometric attendance machine depends on the time taken by it for identification. Look for devices that easily detect face within a fraction of a second and automatically push the data for correct attendance time to the server. For example, to recognize a person, KENT CamAttendance needs 2 sec.

5. Integration to Payroll Management Systems

System data plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of payroll management systems for HR. It is easier for the HR team to compute employee wages easily and perfectly with employees’ correct attendance data. Go for biometric attendance machines that directly send data to the HR payroll program, thus simplifying payroll computations.

6. Support

Although biometric attendance machines are easy-to-install and easy-to-use, there can be instances where you face some problems and need expert support.

Don’t forget to check out all the features we mentioned above and choose the best one to represent you for many years to come, thus putting in place the correct model that works for your organization. There are numerous biometric attendance machines in the market. Out of all, KENT CamAttendance is the one that is superior to all the other alternatives. Along with 99.9 percent accuracy, it offers advanced features like real person detection, facial recognition technology, cloud-based mobile app, and more. Still doubtful? Get a free demo and know all the specifications in detail.

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