Here’s Why You Need to Switch to a Connected Inverter

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Today, an inverter can provide backup for almost all household appliances and some large electrical fixtures and equipment too. An inverter is incredibly useful as an emergency backup power unit in the event of a power shutdown, and you will still be able to use your TV, lamps, power tools, kitchen appliances, and other electrical conveniences if optimally charged. This will also, of course, rely on the type of inverter used. Specifically, the ones built or recommended to power a combination of appliances, fixtures, and equipment consumes high energy.

There are different types of inverters available in the market, one of the most intelligent of which is a connected inverter with mobile app power. With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, you can easily power a connected home inverter with your smartphone. A range of the best inverters is available in Luminous such as Zelio-I and Zelio WiFi. Zelio-i is powered by Bluetooth connectivity and lets you control the inverter with its iControl feature in addition to data monitoring using a smartphone app and Zelio WiFi with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you monitor the power situation at your home on a smartphone app from anywhere in the world. Both devices offer MCB protection, hassle-free battery maintenance, and intuitive LCD. In the article, we will discuss more on Zelio-I as it has both monitoring and control options in the App.

Connected Inverter
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Manage and Control Your Inverter Through an App with Zelio-i

Some of the best inverters like Zelio-I that are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology allow your phone to track and control the inverter’s functions. Let’s say you’re at work, and for some hours, there’s a power outage at home. The inverter battery is used up and is now out of power from working all day long. So, when you come back, you find the inverter has exhausted all the power, and there is no electricity to support any electrical appliance.

With connected home inverters, however, you can stay fully aware of the power used in real-time and make changes via the app accordingly. It would help if you lowered the connected load physically so that the inverter’s backup time increases.

Some items you should track, including the energy situation of your home, are:

  • Inverter backup time
  • Percentage load on the inverter working
  • Charging time of the battery
  • Supply input voltage
  • The proportion of battery charge

Also, when the main power is cut, you can get real-time alerts for the same. The specialty of these best inverters is that if you need to run appliances with a higher load than normal, you can turn to High Power mode. You can run loads of up to 125 percent of the rated capacity in watts of the inverter for 10 minutes in high power mode. Like, for example, if you are making lunch and the power goes out, you can switch on your connected inverter to High Power Mode and use the mixer grinder for 10 minutes in such a situation.

With another feature called Auto Holiday mode, connected inverters such as Zelio-i also help to save your battery life. Suppose you are on a week-long vacation. Place the inverter in Auto Holiday mode, which prevents the battery from constantly charging/discharging due to a minor discharge leakage current, thus raising your battery’s existence.

Output of the Connected Inverter

It’s an excellent decision to invest in the best inverter that has a pure sinusoidal performance. Waveforms illustrate how direct current is converted into alternating current by the inverter. Connected inverters are pure sine wave inverters from reputable brands such as Luminous and provide reliable data and insights about your power backup device.

Connected inverters, designed with a 32-bit processor, can control sensitive electrical devices such as TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, or grinder mixers. Anytime there is a power drop, the best inverter will automatically turn off. And it’s got a noiseless operation with minimal disturbance.

Select a Connected Inverter Today!

There is no denying the fact that facing frequent power cuts can be stressful. After work, you may want to watch a cricket game, but when you come home, you realize there was a power outage in your city. Or you want to watch the long-awaited annual award show, but because of the low voltage, you can’t. Using an inverter helps in these cases. Using a smart connected home inverter that allows you to stay updated and monitor your system remotely boosts your backup solutions’ utility quotient. Using this type of best inverter, you can easily monitor the power backup.

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