Enterprise SEO: A Marketer’s Guide

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According to Search Engine Watch, organic search results bring in 94% of all clicks online. Improving your company’s organic search ranking can yield significant results, but it comes with obstacles, especially for large organizations.

While the majority of enterprise-level organizations have success with their SEO companies, many struggle to hit company objectives. With thousands of pages about each product or service, boosting revenue and outperforming the competition can be difficult, even with a large SEO team.

Implementing the right SEO strategy can help your SEO team work more efficiently and prevent burnout. But before investing in enterprise SEO services, you’ll need to establish a need for it and determine how it can benefit your company.

What is enterprise-level SEO?

enterprise level SEO

Enterprise search engine optimization generally refers to SEO for Fortune 1000 and global 2000 companies. Enterprise SEO strategies are often high- and low-level and require large SEO teams dedicated to working toward company goals.

What’s the difference between traditional SEO and enterprise SEO?

difference between traditional SEO and enterprise SEO

When it comes to the basics, traditional SEO and enterprise SEO are the same—both strategies involve boosting organic search rankings and ultimately increasing revenue. However, there are some key differences between the execution of traditional and enterprise SEO. Traditional SEO usually doesn’t require a large team with SEO experts assigned to specific areas. Instead, traditional SEO typically involves a smaller team, as each SEO professional can focus on multiple areas.

In enterprise SEO, each digital marketing expert typically has a specific niche. Digital marketing experts use their specialized knowledge to look for ways to meet company goals and boost revenue.

For companies using traditional SEO, increases in organic traffic need to be fairly significant. Meanwhile, for larger companies, increases in organic traffic tend to be much smaller as a percentage—increasing organic traffic by .1% could translate to thousands of new visitors to your client’s website.

What companies need enterprise-level SEO?

enterprise SEO

Now that you know what enterprise SEO is, you need to figure out where your company fits into all of this. Not every large company needs an enterprise SEO team, and it can be helpful to focus on how many pages and products or services your company has. Here are some questions to help you determine whether an enterprise SEO strategy could benefit your company.

  • Is your company a Global 2000- or Fortune 1000-level enterprise?
  • Does your company currently have an enterprise SEO team dedicated to specific areas of digital marketing?
  • Does your company’s market span different languages, regions, and countries?
  • Would an increase in online traffic by a small percentage translate to thousands of visitors?
  • Does your company have thousands of products or services listed on their website?

If the answers to most of these questions are yes, your company probably needs an enterprise SEO solution.

How can enterprise SEO services benefit your company?

enterprise SEO services

Every company—no matter how big or small—needs to track the progress of its digital marketing campaign. Tracking progress can be especially difficult for enterprise companies. For example, big brands like Apple need to manage thousands of pages, their content, and their search ranking on Google. Here are some ways enterprise SEO services can help boost your company’s online presence.

  • Site authority building: For enterprise companies in need of link building, enterprise SEO services can help boost site visibility and reputation. Experienced SEO experts like LinkGraph perform 100% organic outreach to earn large companies high-quality backlinks and social media mentions.
  • Paid media: Reputable enterprise SEO services are experienced in managing millions of dollars in high-performance ad campaigns focused on scalability and ROI. Data-driven campaigns can help enterprise SEO companies gain an advantage over the competition, while audience targeting can benefit enterprise companies across all industries.
  • Keyword research and strategy: Enterprise SEO services help corporations increase their online presence through high-value target keywords and keyword strategy. By identifying target keywords that capture your target audience as they search for products and services like yours, your company will be able to outperform competitors while growing your market share and revenue.

Enterprise-level organizations have specific needs and unique challenges. Ultimately, working with an experienced enterprise SEO team can help your company boost search rankings and revenue.

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