Know The Difference Between Refurbished and Used Servers

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Difference between refurebished and used server

Are you planning to buy a single server or multiple servers for your small or large enterprise? Not sure what are the differences between the used and refurbished servers? Is your budget limited or is it for a start-up or for a short-term project? The only best idea is to consider a refurbished or a used server, exactly to say, purchase a refurbished server. You may doubt why to specify in particular about a refurbished server, but actually, there is a huge difference in the working conditions of a used server and a refurbished server as well.

So, let us get you much clearer, check out the details below to know why refurbished server is superior to used servers and how it’s more productive for your enterprise. Refurb HP servers of various generations are sold in large numbers when compared to the refurb servers of other brands.

A refurbished server is likely to be built with your configuration whereas you never know what you are going to get in case of the used servers. Each component in the refurbished server is tested to guarantee top-level performance. When you go for used servers, there is no guarantee whether the server has been tested or not.

brand new server

Just like brand new:

A used server is never a new one, but a refurbished server is almost a brand-new server. Looking at the physical condition, you can never doubt it’s a refurbished one, with absolutely stunning looks with clean paint. And the most important thing is that it can be customized and configured according to your needs. With used servers, you will never experience a glossy clean finish, and you never know what you will get inside a used server. The refurbished servers will be good in condition inside and out.

Original new factory settings:

Refurbished servers undergo a technical refurbishment process to make them perform like a new ones. Servers are returned to the original factory settings under the refurbishment process making them “new” for all the intents and purposes. Even if it has been preloved by another owner, you never know it by looking at the settings. Used servers give you what you required but are never offered with original factory settings. It is tough to check everything, and there is no guarantee whether the server is restored to its original factory settings.

Epic performance and reliability:

Refurbished servers are put under multiple levels of rigorous testing to ensure that it’s out for sale with zero defects. The defective parts are taken out, and the new and tested parts that are sourced from original equipment manufacturers will replace them. With numerous testing processes during arrival at Refurbishment Company, during the refurbishment process, before putting it on sale at the market, and finally before shipping it to the customer, a refurbished server offers your improved performance and advanced reliability. A used server can never be expected to offer such an epic performance, as it is tested to just turn on the power button. The server comes with the old parts, and no one knows when they fail to work. The performance and long run of the used servers are not guaranteed. Whether you choose a used or refurbished server, it is advised to take a free demo before making a final decision.

genuinely branded refurbished server

Genuine warranty

No doubt, the quality of genuinely branded refurbished servers always comes with included warranty and other support services. When you buy a refurbished server, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance and support even after the installation process as the vendor solely takes care of it. But you can’t trust the seller of the used server in this case. You are genuinely drowned in during performance or other hardware issues. You have to call up a technician and shell out money to get your server issues fixed. Therefore, the warranty is the main thing that has to be considered. Both used and refurbished servers may or may not look new. Some vendors may even project bad servers to be in good condition.

Complete support and maintenance

Every quality refurbished server is supported with OEM, third party, and maintenance programs. Make sure to go for branded quality refurbished servers to enjoy all maintenance and support programs to experience complete professional working with your refurbished server. You can’t expect such support programs with used servers as they are not tested in the first level itself and not restored to factory setting, so it’s very unlikely to make them covered up under maintenance programs.

Replacement if needed

You will get to know the value of the purchase from a branded or genuine source, only when you face issues with your refurbished servers. A reputable seller promises you a genuine replacement in case of any issues offering a hassle-free experience. No such replacements from sellers of used servers, even after paying huge amounts.

100% genuine

Branded sellers always ensure to provide you with non-defective servers with no errors on hardware or software, promising complete productivity to your enterprise. No worries about fake internal hardware parts and even replacement parts are completed testing. We can never experience such a guarantee with used server sellers, it’s quite foolish to expect a genuine server from a used server seller. Suppose if you purchase an HP refurb server of any generation, the vendor will only sell the server that is built using genuine parts.

A refurbished server of any brand has likely been built from the chassis up with the configuration of your choice. The most important thing is that each component in the server that will be built for you will be tested for performance and it will include a warranty from the seller as well as the manufacturer. If the server includes drives as well, all the refurbished drives are wiped and tested, don’t think that they are just reformatted.

Factory settings

Factory settings:

The refurbished servers that you are willing to purchase from any brand are returned to the original factory settings during the refurbishment process so that they perform like brand new servers. But in the case of a used server, it may or may not have been returned to the original factory settings so that no one can give you a performance guarantee. In the case of a used server, the old one will be directly given to you so it won’t be restored to the factory version.

Guaranteed authenticity:

Almost all the sellers of refurbished servers use the authentic original equipment manufacturers’ components including RAM, power supplies, drives, network cards and many more. When you buy a server from any vendor, all of the components are exclusively made for that server. The company which sells refurbished server never wants to lose its potential customers and tries to increase its brand reputation so that you can expect brand new parts directly sourced from original equipment manufacturers in the servers sold by them. If you take a used server, we can’t expect guaranteed authenticity. Used servers won’t undergo refurbishment process, they do come with old parts that may perform well or may not in the long run.

Good condition of the server

When you buy a server, you expect it to at least look like a new server. You expect the physical condition to be very good. If you purchase a refurbished server from any seller, no doubt that you are likely to receive a product that resembles a brand new one. Used servers also do look good, but they may not appear as fresh as the refurbished ones. So it is advised to check the server twice before purchasing.

The key to success for your business is to pick a reliable company that has expertise in refurbishment and a company that has many happy customers. It is similar to selecting a surgeon with hands-on experience for your life-saving operation. When choosing a company for your server, it is advised to go with a vendor that has vast experience in resetting to “like new” used servers from data centers and server rooms.

The major benefit of buying a refurbished server is getting a good price without sacrificing quality. Instead of buying a new server, you can get two used servers for the price of a new server when the refurbished server is preferred. The refurbished servers might be the ones that were decommissioned by large corporates or government offices after using them for only a few years. The refurbishment will deliver a perfect solution to e waste by giving used servers a second chance at life.

Bottom Line

When you are buying a huge number of servers for your data center, whether, for a single server or all of them, the savings seriously matter a lot. Going for a refurbished server is ideal in many ways to reduce the overall investment and also allows you to spend the saved money on other resources. When more money is left with you, it can be used for scalability. You will get to know the value of the purchase from a branded or genuine source, only when you face issues with your refurbished servers. A reputable seller promises you a genuine replacement in case of any issues offering a hassle-free experience. You can’t expect such replacements from the sellers of used servers even after paying the huge amounts. To analyze all these differences and decide whether to go for a refurbished or a used server.

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