Top 20 Best Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

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Heralding the banner for change in the tech industry is the surged and heaved demand for VR games and apps.

So, dive yourself into an exhilarating experience by entering a virtual world, where your gaming experience is enhanced, due to being saturated in an augmented visual perception world.

This immersive 360 worldview, can empower you to experience every reel discernment being carried in a real sense.

However, one of the most important inquiries to make is ‘What are the best virtual reality apps?’, as it increases the awareness of the user regarding which experience to indulge themselves.

Best Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone and Android 2024

1. InCell VR

This is the perfect gateway for students to enter the kaleidoscopic VR world. This racing/action game is structured within a micro-world of a human cell. The construction of the game is based on the amalgamation of science and strategies in a highly unconventional setting.

This VR world can be accessed by users using a Google Cardboard, although it can also be played without a set. However, the true craft of this visual masterpiece should be savored through a VR headset.

2. Titan Of Space

Get on this informative ride of the Solar System, as this glimpse of the universe is a truly unique experience. The enhanced 3D effects, paired with a pleasing soundtrack is an ideal fusion for a self-paced tour of the cosmos.

Moreover, this game is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard, making it a perfect option for any VR headset.

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3. Sisters

A Virtual Reality Ghost Story: Users can watch a horror story unravel, with a 360 visual and audio appeal. In order to truly engross yourself in a sense of dread and fright, what is important is to put on your VR headsets and headphones, and immerse yourself in this digitally painted world.

This game is designed for mobile virtual reality, where a Google Cardboard can be utilized to transport yourself into a different zone.

4. VRSE (Within)

This is truthfully the most progressive and nuanced take on storytelling. The WITHIN app showcases the finest VR content, in an assortment of different genres, where narratives are told in a truly imaginative and artistic manner. So, experience content is crafted with an ingenious ability in a 3D spatial environment.

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5. Eve Valkyrie

Oculus Rift players can access a world of fierce space dogfights. The Valkyrie journey enables you to engage yourself in an immersive setting of a battlefield, where you can experience the intensity of a first-person spaceship shooter.


This app provides users the opportunity to gain access and exposure to a 360- representation of documentaries and accounts, related to remote and distant places, as it’s a perfect amalgamation of VR and AR.

Users can obtain an insight into the changing world around them, in a creative and resourceful manner, as they come in virtual contact with different regions, cultures, and perspectives.

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7. Orbulus

Utilizing Google’s Photosphere’s community, which has a gallery of fantastic pieces of photographs, this app transforms those imageries into a virtual world, where users can visit places that they aren’t able to visit in person, by viewing 360 panoramic photos.

8. Roller- Coaster VR

This app is an exhilarating and thrilling simulation of a wild amusement park ride. So, jump on your seat and take a ride through different settings (under-sea or a tropical island) where you can experience the excitement of riding a traditional roller coaster.

9. Darknet

This game demands you to plug into cyberspace, where you have to utilize viruses, worms, and exploits to steal data before the system or the authorities trace your system.

This app is played using Oculus Rift, where users can immerse themselves in a puzzle/ strategy game whilst being an expert hacker.

10. Jaunt

This app offers a fusion of immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, and reality content in an experience that truly consumes the consumer. Users can put on their headsets and view entertainment content, content-driven documentaries, and short films.

11. Debris Defang

The Debris Defang app gives a distinctive gaming experience, where the user can shoot asteroids from their path by utilizing a Cardboard headset and a controller.

12. A Chair In Room

In this app, the user is placed in a derelict and abandoned darkroom environment, where through the utilization of 3D spatial lights and audio, the user is transported to a spooky and terrifying portal.

13. War Of Words

This app imbues storytelling and virtual reality together in the most seamless sense, where users can transport themselves into the narrative realm, with their senses being stimulated.

14. 11:57

In this app, the spectator is the main character where they are exposed to a 360- degree frightening nightmare, as its peripheral layers are detailed with scary and horrifying sound effects, which makes it a perfect horror experience.

15. Google Arts & Culture

Various museums situated across the globe can be virtually accessed by cultural and educational enthusiasts. Google has curated this app with the help of 1200 museums, and as a result, has created a virtual digital library.

16. The Black Mass Experience

This stereoscopic and 360-degree horror experience is clearly the best option for horror enthusiasts. However, this horror story is really not for the faint-hearted!

17. Volvo Reality

Going on a journey through the scenic and picturesque locations, whilst driving a Volvo XC390 is truly a different experience. This app puts the user behind the wheel, paired with sightseeing and sound effects making the experience quite realistic.

18. Chronos

This is an Oculus Rift exclusive, where the hero seeks to save his homeland from a great evil. The RPG feature of this game transmits the user to a digitally constructed world, as it contains different twists with regard to the action element.

19. Insidious VR

This is a chilling insight into the afterlife related to the insidious movie. In this truly frightening VR experience, the actress Elise Rainer narrates the account, immersing the user in a 360-degree horror setting.

20. YouTube & YouTube VR

YouTube has headed towards technical progression by embracing VR technology, as users can experience a 360-degree visual experience by tapping on a cardboard icon on a compatible device, in order to immerse themselves into a truly stimulating surrounding.

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