19 New iPhone X Features You Should Know About

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The iPhone X has come out and many are fascinated by the iPhone X features. However, even during the unveiling of the gadget, Apple did not issue a detailed list of all the features you should expect to enjoy. If you have been wondering what’s new that it deserves the $1,000 price tag, here are 19 awesome features of the iPhone X you should know about.

iPhone X Features

1. All glass

Both the front and rear sides are made of strong glass and the strengthening layer goes 50 percent deeper. It is also the strongest glass ever used on a phone, so you are assured it does not break easily.

2. Stainless steel frame

Another feature of the build of the iPhone X is its stainless steel frame, which is surgical grade and designed by apple.

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3. All-screen

Unlike previous versions of the iPhone, the iPhone X is all-screen and this has been achieved by doing away with the home button. Only thin bezels are around the display and this gives much room for those who love watching videos.

4. Side button

The Lock button has been revised by lengthening it and adding more functions to it. It is now referred to as a Side button and holding it will invoke Siri while a double click opens Apple Pay.

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5. OLED display

This also becomes the first iPhone to feature an OLED display, which comes with benefits including high contrast, true blacks, and better color accuracy.

6. True Tone

While filming or taking photos, iPhone X adapts to the color temperature and light in the environment to adjust color and intensity. Someone standing outside on a cloudy day will achieve a bluer and cooler effect.

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7. TrueDepth

Additionally, the camera system comes with a flood illuminator, ambient light sensor, infrared camera, and a dot projector. These are features that assist in the facial recognition process.

8. Face ID

The Face ID also comes as a unique addition to the iPhone. It replaces the fingerprint scanning technology for unlocking your phone.

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9. Animoji

Apple has taken emojis further with the animojis, which are basically animated emojis. The emojis are generated based on your facial expression.

10. Better image signal processor

According to Apple, the image signal processor that comes with the iPhone X is able to detect elements in a scene like lighting conditions, motion, and people in order to optimize photos before taking them.

11. Apple-designed video encoder

This is a real-time image processing system that works with HEVC compression to create reduced file sizes.

12. Portrait lighting

Portrait lighting is a technology that utilizes sophisticated algorithms that help by calculating the way your facial features relate with light, and this data is useful in creating lighting effects like Studio Light and Stage Light.

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13. Wireless charging

Good riddance to wired charging as Apple invites wireless charging that will be based on the Qi coil, which means you can use virtually any type of wireless charging pad.

14. Fast charging

The phone is also fast-charge capable, basically, you can charge it to about 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

15. Longer battery life

You will also love the fact that your battery can now last longer by additional 2 hours.

16. A11 Bionic chip

Apple has also utilized the A11 Bionic chip, which comes with two performance cores that guarantee better speed by 25 percent.

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17. Bluetooth 5.0

The inclusion of the Bluetooth 5.0 means four times the range, 8 times the broadcast messages, and 2 times the speed compared to Bluetooth 4.2.

18. Simplified status bar

The status bar is also simplified with the clock on the left and battery life indicator, cellular bars, and WiFi strength on the right.

19. Galileo support

Galileo, which is a European Global Satellite Navigation System, comes as a viable alternative to GPS, which is owned by the government of the U.S.

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