4 Reasons Why OnePlus 6T Is A Great Smartphone

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It has been a few months since OnePlus 6T made its debut globally. The phone became an instant hit with its value for money specs and quick software updates. OnePlus has always been a company that stood away from crowd. They always held themselves back by providing exceptional devices at unbeatable price. One of the advantages of owning OnePlus phones is that they are extremely developer friendly. A lot of the times, you won’t lose warranty even if you unlock the bootloader and root it. In fact, there’re enough tutorials available for rooting OnePlus 6T easily, if you happen to own one already. If not, these are the reasons why you should seriously consider buying OnePlus 6T.



The tear-drop notch on the display is simply gorgeous. I’ve always hated the notch design of the displays. I’m that kind of person who would prefer having bezels rather than those ugly notches. But, I fell in love with the OnePlus 6T’s notch. It has been beautifully designed and it is a great example to others. The display quality especially the brightness is truly awesome.

In-display fingerprint scanner

The in-display fingerprint reader is slow. I agree. But. It is futuristic. I’ve never been a fan of fingerprint reader sitting on the back. To unlock the phone, you need to grab it in your hands. This is a bit inconvenient. The technology will improve over the years and with that I’ll be more than happy to have it on my phone. The front facing camera isn’t very secure when it comes to unlocking the phones either.

Processor and RAM

OnePlus always amazes me when I see a high-end new processor in its smartphones. Every year they successfully add new processor in their phones and keep the prices low. What is more impressive is the RAM. Not many phones offer 6 and 8 GB RAM. Being a Pixel phone user, I would strongly recommend at least 6 GB of RAM on Android phones. 4GB isn’t enough. While 8GB RAM could be an overkill, 6 GB seems to be hitting that sweet spot.

Camera and Nightscape

Over the years, OnePlus has been working extremely hard at improving Camera. While they aren’t as good as Pixel, the camera has been able to produce some excellent quality pictures. The nightscape is also out of this world. If you follow their Instagram account, you’ll see the great set of pictures that these cameras have been able to capture.

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