What Causes DLL Files to Go Missing?

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There are times when I personally get very disappointed while using my computer. I hate it when I have to complete a certain survey in order to download whatever I want. Some of these survey questions are not even related to what one wants. Even when what you want is urgent, you must answer the survey questions. The second and perhaps the worst thing that irritates not only me but also other window users are system errors. How do you feel when once you see Dll files missing? Do you not feel frustrated and embarrassed when you find an error in a program you often use?

Whenever such errors occur, the problem is mostly attributed to Dll file missing and you do not have an idea about it. But then what should you do whenever this happens? Can you look for that file and fix the problem? If indeed you can look for the file, where exactly can you get it? In our discussion here today, we will address these questions in details. Our subject of interest today is – What Causes Dll Files to Go Missing? We are going to present all the necessary information that you need. But then let us examine the problem right from the beginning.

Dll Files

What are they? Well, Dll is an acronym for Dynamic-link library. Basically, this is a common library containing instructions needed by different programs. Programs are subdivided into various modules which are in all the files. Since the file is not independent, an operating program should openly call it. Whenever a program uses these files, a dependency is established. In case a different program uses the very same dll and perhaps adjusts its contents, or even delete the whole file, the earlier program dependency will be broken and so the program cannot run. The dependency can be broken down in either of the following cases

  • When there is an upgrade to the dependent file
  • Whenever a dependent dll file is mistakenly or intentionally eliminated from the system.
  • When a problem within a dll is fixed
  • When the file is completely overwritten with an initial file.

All these issues are referred to as a dll conflict and exactly where you find the missing file error. Can the error be fixed? This leads us to the next section of this blog.

How to Fix the Error

The dll missing problem can be fixed in various ways. You only need to check error and use these ways you fix it.

Avoid downloading a dll file

It may be so tempting to download this missing file right away online. Nevertheless, do your best to avoid this kind of a solution. This is caution is meant to protect you from further damage. For instance, the downloaded file may contain some malware that may end up damaging the whole system. In addition, the downloaded one may be very different and may be different from what is contained in the operating system. This can actually worsen the problem.

Restart the PC

This is perhaps the simplest way of fixing the problem. In most cases, there are always cache issues that can be automatically be addressed when you restart the PC. But then when some of these files are missing, it is impossible to restart the computer. In this case, you will have to force restart the PC and see if the problem can be addressed.

Try to retrieve the files that were deleted

You may have scrapped the file yourself by mistake. In case this happened, go to the recycle bin and you will see the deleted file. Still, a file recovery software can help you. Nonetheless, this approach cannot address the problem in case the file had been corrupted prior to deletion. The solution is only applicable to good though erased dll files.

Avoid malware programs

Usually, malware programs have the potential of developing some dll files that might obstruct how the prevailing one works. To avoid the chances of having this problem, scan the PC using appropriate malware software. Restart the computer and check whether the program now works.

Reinstall the app

In case the original CD is available, try reinstalling the application. In most cases, this fixes the issue. This is especially the case when the problem results from the conflict between the dll file and other operating programs.

Restore the system

While it may not be an appropriate option, the PC can still regain its original state. The error can be removed but you will end up losing the installed apps.

The Bottom Line

What cause the dll file to go missing? We looked at a number of conflicts that can result in this problem. We have also discussed several strategies you can use to fix the issue. It is our hope that this has been helpful to you.

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