Video SEO 101: Effective Reasons Why Video Needs Transcription

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So you’ve crossed website SEO off your list, but what about video SEO?

You’ve spent all this time strategizing, editing your video, and producing, but it just isn’t getting ranked. What in the world is going on?

Video marketing isn’t about creating a video, uploading it, and waiting for views. A lot goes into having your YouTube videos noticed. However, one of the most underrated ways to maximize your YouTube SEO is through video transcription optimization.

Your videos can’t work their magic themselves – you have to tell search engines what your video is about, in short detail. By transcribing your video content’s spoken words, you can help the search bots interpret what keywords your video should rank for. To get this done more professionally, organizations hire best video marketing agency. Their experience in the field help businesses get videos that rank higher on Google by capturing the audience attention.

Now, this may come off as a revelation to you, but video transcription is more self-serving than you think. Additionally, it doesn’t need to be terrifying. Transcription can boost your website’s SEO and help you carry more influential Google Search rankings like a badge of honor. And that’s just the beginning!

The benefits of adding tags and metadata and enabling your video to be shared across social platforms are widespread. However, nothing can beat the luck you get from transcription. So are you ready to know about it?

Here’s how you can take your video marketing game to a whole new level of something called “recognition”:

1. Video Transcripts Minimize Bounce Rates

When done without a blunder, video transcription goes a long way, especially for your content tracking metrics. It is critical to have an accurate transcript because if your video landing page and content are misaligned, there’s a chance you could dupe viewers.

That may result in a decreased “bounce” rate as viewers discover the content is not compatible with what they’ve searched for, and as a result, they will leave.

Suppose you do not have this drawback with your videos or are looking for more surprising ways to minimize your bounce rate. In that case, adding super-accurate transcripts to your video content is the perfect way to go. As far as “how to do video transcription” is concerned, it’s pretty easy. There’s a special place called Designrr. You can find impeccable video transcription software to tackle your videos and instill them with a strategy that will get them ranked within the blink of an eye.

2. Video Transcripts Stimulate Extra Time On Page

Compelling videos tend to captivate viewers and keep them on a page longer, enhancing the average “minutes on page” metric across your website. That means people are more likely to surf the site and discover more content they may find attention-grabbing.

3. Long-Form Search Interrogations

Suppose your videos are longer and have many words, like webinar recordings. In that case, transcripts provide the same benefit as long-form blog articles. Pages with more than 2,000 words are likely to appear on the first page of search results on Google. A landing page with a transcript below a video can work as a long-form blog post – filled with keywords spoken in the video content that will match a particular search query. A visitor may only want to view a video and not read. However, they are more likely to discover your video in their top search results if their phrase or keyword is repeated multiple times on your webpage.

Furthermore, transcripts can also assist you in assessing your keyword strategy. For instance, suppose you create a video landing page targeted around the phrase “analytics software,” and “social media analytics” is repeatedly spoken in your video. Then consider altering your on-page video SEO to match this more pertinent long-tail phrasing.

You could also create a page for every video to modify slogans/keywords and on-page content to that specific video. It means that the page title, URL structure, image alt text, anchor text, h1 and h2 headers, and page content should all incorporate your catchphrase.

4. Fast Content Creation

Indeed, tracing original content is a pain in the neck. However, transcripts unintentionally make content creation much faster and slicker. When you have transcripts for video content, it can become more comfortable to take the primary keywords and use them as the foundation for long-term blog content. As you know, longer written content, such as blogs, rank well in search engines like Google, and excellent anchors keep visitors around for a more extended period. With the transcript already usable, some simple modifications and images can make for an exciting read!

Furthermore, social media is also useful. You can edit a few snippets of the transcript into smaller chunks to share on social podiums, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Social media followings serve as another asset in building a trustworthy source of site traffic.

5. A Delight for the Hearing Impaired

When your website contains video transcription, you make sure everyone can enjoy your videos, which isn’t just the right thing to do. However, it also gets you a butt-load of views, and therefore, better rankings.

6. Link Building Opportunities

Link building will probably never be easy. For SEO, it requires internal linking to your content while searching for additional sources to link back to your site. Video transcripts are a godsend for anyone wanting to build links.

Transcripts can improve internal links by referring to other content you may have on your website. A perfect example of this could be discussing product pricing, features, or FAQ’s and then directly linking the relevant blogs in the transcript. By this step, visitors will move from one part of your website to another.

Statistically, pages with images, lists, and videos receive 70% more links than those with plans and pictures alone. Other websites are also looking to share the most visually relevant and appealing content (they are trying to rank as well!). By having transcripts and video, you’re increasing your chances of creating external links.

The Wrap-up

If you have the time to create a video, you must make some effort so that people can view it. By implementing video transcription, you can be sure the viewers and bots can see your video. After all, the benefits of video transcripts for SEO will lead to undeniable traffic. This simple process will not only boost the ranking of your website but will also make it worth the “bookmark.”

You can also save your website from many loads, culminating in faster operation, hence exceptional SEO scores. So it goes without saying, video transcription is not another “gizmo.” However, it is a stepping stone that will improve every part of your website. Don’t believe us? Try it to believe it!

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