Top 10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks List For Developers

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Last year, JavaScript community came across some really grand changes. ECMAScript 6 finally came into inception and the most popular browsers started working towards adaption of the recent changes.

To understand this update, it is important for you to understand this step by step guide. In this guide, you will come across all the aspects of this new standard. In terms of implementation of ES6 functionality into the browser itself, Chrome and Firefox are currently leading.

However, JavaScript is far beyond than just being a standard. JavaScript is expanding at a faster rate. It is becoming native and stable. All those frameworks which came into JS sphere last year have boomed. There are some of them that have already developed huge communities around them. Meteor, React and Angular are a few of them.

JavaScript app development is highly in vogue these days and developers are making use of it increasingly. This post takes a closer look at some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

These frameworks are believed to see an expanding growth, engagement, and exposure in the coming years.

Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks List 2018

1. AngularJS

AngularJS is a MVC framework that functions on the idea of creating templates that makes HTML dynamic. This also provides flexibility of separating presentation logic from the business logic and presentation state. It is a toolset for creating a framework that is best suited for your application.

This framework is widely used for the creation of single page applications. Some of the enticing features of the framework are, component-based architecture, efficient logging, inter-component communications, improved dependency injection, etc. Similarly, Angular 4 has been created with the aim of making web applications smaller and quicker.

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2. WebRx

WebRx is a Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) framework designed on top of RX.js. This framework combines both reactive and functional programming patterns that support declarative data binding, templating and client-side routing.

This framework has been designed to speed up the process of modern web app development. It is extremely lightweight, available at only 30kb when minified and optimized.

3. Backbone

Backbone is a model-view-presenter (MVP) framework that offers models with key-value binding and custom events for the management of data changes. Views feature declarative handling whereas router manages URL and state management.

It is majorly suited for SPA applications. Founded by Jeremy Askenas, the framework is well-known for promoting event-driven communication between views and model. Similarly, client-side web applications can also be created in a well-structured format.

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4. React

React allows for smoother front-end web development. It is a library that is managed by Facebook. React helps developers implement a virtual DOM which is then diffed with the real state of DOM. A list of DOM operation is prepared that makes the current DOM look like new one.

5. Socket

Socket has acquired a lot of drive in the real-time developer community. It allows you to enjoy a real-time communication between the client and server. The framework is segregated into 2 parts, first is the client library that runs from a browser.

Another is the sever-library that is built on top of Node.js. Both libraries feature a similar API. On the other hand, the framework also allows you to implement real-time streaming of binary, interactive document collaboration and real-time stats for your application.

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6. Knockout

Knockout is the most popular javascript framework. The outstanding features of this javascript framework are automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking, templating and so on. It is free and open source under the MIT license.

The framework is compatible with all mainstream browsers like IE6+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome, Opera, Safari and so on. It is fully documented.

This JavaScript library makes it easier to design desktop-like UI with JavaScript and HTML. It functions well with the MVVM pattern.

7. Aurelia

Aurelia is an advanced generation javascript framework that is primarily focused on making the process of web development creative. It is a next-generation framework that has been built primarily with ES6 which is the latest JS standard.

It is built upon a module-like framework that comprises several small and big libraries that can be used either in combination or individually depending upon the requirement of the application.

8. Ember

Ember is one of the best javascript framework meant for ambitious developers. It is featured with the ability to create huge client-side applications. Owing to its simplicity and flow of functionality and to make web app development a smooth experience, Ember is the right choice.

9. Meteor

Meteor has revolutionized the process of web development by creating real-time mobile and web applications. Any web application created using this framework is fully compatible with mobile devices. Using this best framework, both front-end and back-end development can be a less complex task.

10. Node.js

Nodejs is one of the most powerful javascript frameworks that has grown incredibly in a couple of years. The framework has become extremely scalable and versatile because of its powerful capabilities.

It is useful for the creation of interaction vigorous web apps that include community sites, single page apps, content streaming websites. These apps rely on heavy data interaction.

Selecting the Best JavaScript Framework

Selecting a best javascript framework should not be confined to the number of features it possesses. It should strictly focus on the functionality it possesses to be used within the own project, app or software that is being created.

The javascript framework list given above has its own distinctive set of features. The entire decision of choosing the right framework depends on the need of a website.

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