Top 3 Android Spyware Apps in 2024

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If you Google the word ‘Top 3 spyware apps’ you will see hundreds of pages with this information. While it is good to have as many options to choose from, however, it is really tough to skim the best apps from these many options.

The internet has thousands of apps that claim to be top-notch spying apps. All this exercise of finding the top Android spyware becomes a grueling task.

So what should be done to find the top app to spy on Android phones? We have done our research based on the fixed criteria of compatibility, interface, and features. On the basis of our research, we came up with the following top three spyware apps.

Top Android Spyware Apps 2024

1. XNSPY stays on top of our list. There are many reasons that make it the top spyware app in the market. But it actually usurped all other apps in our criteria for selecting the top app.

From its built to its design, features, and interface every single aspect is a banner. You can count on Xnspy if you are looking for spyware that is near to perfect for monitoring an Android phone.


If you ever had a chance to use a spyware app, you may have encountered some problems regarding its compatibility. Every other spyware on the market that claims to be compatible falls short of its compatibility promises.

Some spyware requires the target mobile to be rooted before it is installed. On the other hand, if your mobile is not rooted you may have to compromise on the fewer features. Many apps struggle to keep up with the Android operating system upgrades.

Xnspy checks all the right boxes when it comes to compatibility. There are three reasons for it:

  • It can be installed on any Android phone as it does not require rooting your phone before installation.
  • XNSPY supports the latest Android Oreo 8.0. It means it can be used on any latest Android mobile phone.
  • Though it does not require rooting your device, you can install it on the rooted phone without compromising on major features.


Contrary to other Android spyware apps, Xnspy is simple and compact. When you log into its online web account, you are directed to the main page also called the Dashboard of the app.

The dashboard houses all the features on the left side of the screen. The interface is designed with such ease that any common person can operate it. The design does not create clutter on the screen and the options are visible to choose.

Features to look out for

Xnspy is loaded with some advanced features besides having the basic spyware functions. Here are a couple of features to look out for:

  • Ambient Recorder: This feature is available in its premium edition. But the unique thing about this feature is that it can listen to the target phones surrounding even if it is not on the call.
  • Watchlist: If you want to be specific about monitoring, you can use this feature to monitor specific words, locations, and contacts. This feature will notify you every time a specified item is used.

2. Shadow SPY

On number two we have shadow spy. This is another useful app to spy on an Android phone. The app is different in operations and interface.

It also has a different installation method from the other apps and a flexible pricing package makes it a choice worth making.


Shadow SPY works with all kinds of Android phone brands. But it requires an internet connection to transfer the monitored data. But if the internet is not available, it will keep recording the information and upload them to the server upon internet availability.

The only problem when it comes to compatibility with Android is rooting the phone before installation.

It works with all previous versions of Android OS like Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat, and lollipop if they are all rooted.


Shadow SPY has a Live Device Panel which is unique in its operations. This application lets the users access their devices remotely from anywhere.

Features to look out for

Here are a few things about the app to look out for:

  • Live Device Panel: Shadow SPY gives you live updates about the monitored device through its Go Live feature. It has a separate Android Logs viewer application designed for this. This live panel connects to the device in real-time and gives you information about their current location and capture screenshots remotely.
  • It is among a few Android spyware apps that offer multiple device monitoring capabilities.
  • This spy app also offers a free 3-day trial version to the users.

3. Auto Forward Spy

This is the third software on our list. The reason it is on third is its limited capability and features. Nevertheless, it still performs effectively in all its limited capabilities.

Perhaps the best thing about this app is its ease of use and the way it works. The app calls itself an extractor that retrieves information from the target phone.


The good thing about this app is that, unlike its predecessor, it does not require the device to be rooted before its installation but to use some advanced features you may have to root the Android phone. It supports the latest Android Oreo 8.0 besides supporting all the previous versions of the operating system.


The app interface is rather plain and straight. After connecting the app to the device, you can log in to your account and see the extracted data.

Features to look out for

  • It offers live technical support to its users.
  • The app also offers 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • This app can extract basic information including the call history, text messages, pictures, videos, app files, and saved data.

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