Beginners’ Tips to Use Instagram Effectively

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Instagram is a hot social networking site and it is being used by millions of people from every corner of this huge world. 22% of people from all over the globe log in to Instagram once daily. It is visual, it is quick, and it is mobile. Instagram can be used in a simple and convenient manner. Not only individuals but also brands have opened their accounts on Instagram in order to reach a bigger customer base. If you are still not on Instagram, there is no better moment than now for starting with this amazing social media platform. If you are a beginner, it is crucial that you have a sound knowledge of various tips and tricks for using Instagram in the most effective manner. Given below is a list of the tips that you can consider for growing your followers as well as increasing the engagement.

Posting interesting and colorful videos and photos

Instagram is responsible for providing value to all the followers that you have, especially if you are looking for more engagement. During this scenario, the main objective that you have should be of posting photos as well as videos, which help in evoking a certain kind of emotion, which is happiness, nostalgia, motivation, love, humor, or any other thing. The high-quality photographs that have a lot of beautiful colors are going to get more action on this amazing social media platform.

Try not to overdo your pictures with the help of the filter effects

Instagram is known to provide a number of filters, which can be applied to the photos as well as videos for enhancing the style and the look of the visuals. However, this trend has already hit the peak. It is true that your followers are going to look for the videos and photos, which are extremely colorful, but it is also true that they want the photos to be natural. Even though the filters may look tempting, you should limit the use of the filters to a certain extent, so that the contrast, as well as the color, looks normal and perfect.

Using hashtags sparingly

There is no doubt to the fact that when you are using the hashtags, you are increasing the reach as well as encouraging more engagement. Hashtags also help you to attract the new followers. However, there are a few people who use hashtags in an inappropriate manner. It has been observed that a number of captions are bloated with numerous captions, and most of them are not even relevant to the topics of the photo that they have posted. If you are deciding to make use of the hashtags, you have to ensure that it is kept to the minimum. Also, it is your duty to use only those keywords, which are absolutely relevant.

Using the explore tab

The explorer tab that is present on Instagram is the place where few of the popular videos and photos are known to get featured. All the photos that are present here are tailored according to the videos and photos, which your followers are known to like or comment on. Moreover, you will also be able to find new users, and so, you can follow them. Checking this tab is important as it also provides an idea as to what people are normally looking for.

Posting often

If you are interested in keeping the followers engaged, it is crucial to post diverse contents regularly. This obviously does not mean that you have to post 10 to 15 photos every day. Posting regularly or after every 2 days should be perfect for keeping the current followers engaged with your account. If you do not post for a long period of time, chances are that you are going to lose your followers. Also, ensure that the photos or videos that you are posting are relevant to your brand, or your followers are going to lose interest in you. Make your Instagram feed as attractive as you can to attract new followers and keep the old ones engaged with your account.

Make use of Instagram Direct for contacting specific users

It is undoubtedly true that if you post on a regular basis, you can keep the followers engaged; however, it is not always crucial to post something publicly, for all the followers. Instead of that, you can simply target the users of your choice by messaging them privately. Instagram Direct allows the Instagrammers to contact their followers and send photos and videos in an extremely simple manner. This is especially good for the brands that have targeted their potential audience and are interested in sending the pictures or videos of various products or services to individual Instagrammers. Instagram direct is undoubtedly one of the greatest ways of connecting with a certain group of Instagrammers, without the need of broadcasting the content to all the other people, at once. You can go through a number of other Instagram tips that have been posted in the Gramblast blog.

Interacting with the followers

You cannot afford to ignore the loyal followers who are constantly liking or commenting on each and every video or photo that you post. If you do so, you are actually driving people away eventually. It is your responsibility to make all the followers connect with you personally and feel valued. It is important to reply to the comments that they post, and check their accounts, and also like and comment on a few of their posts. This is going to make them personally valued, and they will not unfollow you at any cost.

Experimenting with the shout-outs

Interacting with all the current followers is something that is extremely crucial and the more follows you can reach, the better it is. When you are doing shout-outs, it is one of the greatest ways of reaching more people within a short period of time. Shout-outs are done when two people agree to give each other the shout-out post on their individual accounts. This is undoubtedly an important technique, which most of the Instagram users used for growing their accounts, within a short period of time.


Following these tips are going to be of great help, especially if you are new to Instagram. Beginners can find it especially difficult to gain followers and boost engagement, but with these tips, they will surely be able to do it easily.

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