Top 10 Text Editors for Windows, Linux, and Mac in 2024

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When we think of text editors, we usually think about Notepad, Pages, and Text Edit. These are the basic types of text editors that help just about anyone using a computer.

All systems have a basic editor available to help you with your text but when you dig deeper you will understand that there are many powerful tools that can help programmers not just with text editing but also with code compiling.

Depending on the type of system you use, you can catch an array of text editors suited to your needs. We have listed the top 10 text editors available today for you:

Top 10 Text Editors for Windows, Linux, and Mac in 2024

1) Text Wrangler

Text Wrangler

Type: FREE
Made for: Mac

Remember BBEdit and how it didn’t really make the cut? Well, the same makers released the Text Wrangler, which is a significant upgrade from BBEdit.

Designed specifically for the Mac, it is a boon for system administrators and programmers. They can use it to create, edit, and transform text that is saved in plain-text files.

If you are looking at getting a free tool for Mac that is pretty much like Notepad++, Text Wrangler is your best bet.

2) Notepad++


Type: FREE
Made for: Windows

Is Notepad the oldest text editor out there? We are not very sure about that, but we know for sure that it is very popular. Its customizable interface is one of the top reasons why it is extremely popular among users.

It is easy to use, simple, and purposeful. However, if you want to up the game and use it for complex reasons, you can customize it to a rich interface.

Text-shortening, tabbed editing, macro recording, auto-completion, split-screen, and syntax highlighting are just a few of the many features that make Notepad++ a must-try for all Windows users.

3) Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Type: Paid ($70 with a free trial)
Made for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

The fact that Sublime Text works with all the popular operating systems makes it stand ahead of the rest. Alongside this, you can work with a number of languages when you use Sublime Text.

The tool is flexible in that it allows a lot of customization so that you use it exactly how you want to! In-editor code building, snippets, column, selection, and multi-setting editing are a few of the features we absolutely love in this tool.

We have used this tool and think it really is worth the price tag. We would love to hear from you as well, though!

4) Atom


Type: FREE
Made for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Another reliable multi-platform tool, Atom is a great choice for beginners and junior programmers. It is essentially a code editor that has just about every feature that you could ask for. It is an open-source tool, which implies that its library has been built based on user submissions.

Atom is reliably user-friendly and customizable. It comes with quite a few distinguishable features such as cross-platform editing, multiple themes, find & replace, package manager, file system browser, auto-completion, language autodetection, multi-pane, code folding, and an extensive library.

Pretty much everyone who has used Atom swears by it and does not look beyond it!

5) TextMate


Type: FREE
Made for: Mac

Exclusive for Macs, the TextMate is a free text editor that comes with a superb GUI and command console. The tool comes packed with features that make it a blessing not just for the pros but also for those who have just ventured into programming.

Customizations, tabs, folding sections, recordable macros, shell integration, extensible bundle system, auto-indentation, word completion, dynamic outlines, and search & replace are a few standouts features you can explore in TextMate.

Innovative and easy to use, TextMate prides itself on winning the Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X Tool.

6) Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit

Type: Free
Made for: Mac, Windows, and Linux

Open-source and free of cost, Komodo is a good multi-platform text editor. You can use macros and plug-ins to customize the tool according to your preferences. The range of features is quite attractive but be warned, if you are an amateur, you may find Komodo Edit slightly on the complicated side.

We noticed while using Komodo that it is not as user-friendly as the other text edit options. If you are a pro programmer, though, you will love the tool. Beginners may want to learn the nuances of their field before advancing to this tool.

7) Brackets


Type: FREE
Made for: Mac, Windows, and Linux

Brackets is an old friend of web designers and front-end developers. Especially made for them, it is a simple, free text editor. Its interface is its most attractive feature because it is clean, simple, and modern.

It is a cross-platform editor that gives you many features to explore such as split-screen, keyboard shortcuts, no-distraction mode, syntax highlighting, inline editors, and extension support. However, live preview is among its USPs. Through this you can get real-time updates in your default browser, making work easier and quicker.

Also, within Brackets you have access to plugins so that you can choose and integrate whatever you need.

8) Blue Fish

Blue Fish

Type: FREE
Made for: Windows, Linux, and Mac

Free and powerful, Blue Fish is the perfect choice for programmers and web designers. Blue Fish has the capability of handling many files together, enabling you to work seamlessly. Its features include many tools for developing websites, external program integration, and snippet support.

It supports almost all popular languages including Java, JavaScript, CSS, C/C++, JSP, Python, XML, Ruby, CFML, and more.

Even though it is quite user-friendly, we have found that the sheer number of toolbars and tabs that it has can intimidate a novice web designer or programmer.

9) Vim


Type: FREE
Made for: Mac, Linux

If you have a system with CLI, Vim is a good option to consider. It is one of the best text editors for single-board computers like Raspberry Pi. It can support quite a few languages, and it is configurable or customizable.

Its standout feature is definitely the repeat or undoes function because it stores your actions. Syntax highlighting, error detection, and automatic recognition are a few other features.

Vim is also quite complicated for beginners even though it is not very heavy-weight. Programmers will have to do their homework before starting to use this tool.

10) Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Type: FREE
Made for: Linux, Mac, and Windows

Visual Studio Code comes from Microsoft, which itself is a mark of trust and reliability. Completely free, Visual Studio Code works perfectly well in Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows editing and debugging without making you go through the hassle.

What’s more, it offers to change the code page, line break, built-in Git integration, and built-in intelligence. All these features and more make it one of the most popular choices among programmers.

The tool has a tabbed interface along with a Zen mode, which can hide all the windows whenever you want to. Visual Studio Code is an open-source tool that is loaded with features and yet does not compromise on performance and speed.

Which is the best text editor for you?

You must keep two main factors in mind here: The system you use and whether you are an amateur or a pro.

The tools we have mentioned here are some of the best in the market. Having said that, they may not all make sense to you. That is why we recommend that you go through each of their features and decide on which one suits you the best.

Since we have covered the top options here, you won’t even have to worry about looking around too much! We hope this guide helps you make the right choice.

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