Tech Recruiter Problems And How This One Company Solves Them

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2022 was a tumultuous year if we think about  tech recruiting. The pandemic period was about over-hiring and engaging the maximum number of employees. However, this backfired in the form of layoffs.

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon – big corporations were left with no choice but immediate job cuts. Is this the consequence of a lack of recruitment strategies and organization?

Tech recruiter problems

“There’s too much noise in the market, making it hard to grab candidates’ attention.” Despite all the tech job cuts, the demand for top talent still remains high. Tech recruiters can’t devise a method to attract and hire the best IT experts.

Candidate screening issues

One of the biggest problems amongst tech recruiters is that they skip directly to the interviewing phase. Instead, there needs to be an assessment stage so the recruiter can short-list suitable candidates for the job.

Hiring based on interviews has negative after-effects on the company. Firstly, in most situations, the individual is unsuitable for the post. The wrong decision disturbs the project’s progress as the candidate fails to meet company expectations.

Time frame pressures

On several occasions, tech recruiters have to consider company requirements which are to fill positions quickly. This faulty strategy should be nipped in the bud. In the process of hiring too fast, tech recruiters miss out on the aspect of choosing the best pick for the organization.

Businesses may think of short-term advantages and not realize how a bad hire can negatively impact the company’s reputation. In most cases, tech recruiters are unable to send this message across thus leading to hasty decisions. It is crucial to analyze the list of responsibilities and each aspect of the job to optimize hiring.

Too much competition

The influx of tech talent due to layoffs has led to a volatile environment. Competition is high. Software developers particularly front-end developers, mobile app developers, and blockchain experts are a hot topic. Tech recruiters feel somewhat baffled by the number of options. Vetting candidates has become tough as well.

No one is researching and experimenting with talent acquisition policies. The trend of sustainable hiring is slowly gaining momentum but still, there is a long way to go. Tech recruiters need to figure out which channels can suit specific companies, instead of repeating the same outdated ways.

Changing work culture

No one would have even heard the term hybrid work five years ago. Now. it is becoming common practice for offices along with remote work. Many tech recruiters do not consider what the candidate is looking for. For example, if it is an experienced software engineer with a strong portfolio, it’d want a job offer that stands out from the rest.

As per,” Remote work has become the standard for a growing number of organizations.” It reduces additional strains on startups so they can focus on gaining more projects, expanding their clientele, etc. Tech recruiters should understand that every startup leader has a particular set of requirements. Hence, there has to be more thought, deliberation, and effort put into making job descriptions.

How can Gaper help

Earlier on, we mentioned the concept of sustainable recruitment. The meaning of the term is to hire employees for the long term. Therefore, such an approach represents more effort and planning when recruiting tech talent. An employee should be able to help the company, therefore it is integral to invest in quality.

Gaper is a marketplace of software engineers for businesses of all sizes. What is unique about this virtual job board? How can it help companies find the best software engineers? In terms of vetting engineers, there is no compromise.


At Gaper, there is a two-tier assessment of software engineers to ensure they have the technical know-how and communication skills to join the team. The first phase consists of a series of tests related to coding, tech stacks, etc. Without completing these tests, they can’t become a part of the Gaper community. We look for candidates who are fluent in English. In most cases, clients are looking for remote employees or offshore teams. In the long run, this saves recruiters from disappointments in the future. Software devs are hand-picked according to the mentioned job details.

Sustainable hiring approach

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional heights to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs.

At Gaper, we prioritize talent that can positively impact the organization in the future. Imagine you already have a software development team. Yet, you’re looking for a developer to take care of some immediate tasks. Worry not! Gaper has got you covered. Team augmentation comes under the category of our primary services.

Final words

Now, we’ve talked about the results of going overboard with hiring IT experts and the after-effects of COVID, which we can feel even today. With Gaper, the tech recruiter can divide their burden and recruit the best software engineers.

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