Steps to Write Long and Interesting Articles

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Bloggers strive to write longer articles because they are better for search engine optimization. However, there are times when it becomes too difficult to be consistent and produce content that is interesting to readers.

At the end of the day, if nobody is going to read the article even if they find it via search engines, there is hardly any point in writing them in the first place.

So how can one leave the slump and be consistent with writing long content that would be profitable and interesting to the readers? Consider following the steps in this article and apply some ideas in your strategy if you have not done so already.

Step #1 – Leverage Available Plugins

Plugins could be a great addition to the website, especially if most of your content consists of mostly text. Given the length of the articles, you will need to find ways to keep readers engaged.

Something like a table or generated headings that allow readers to navigate through the article with a mouse-click will enrich their experience. The latter is especially useful when someone is interested in a particular paragraph of an article after reading the table of contents and wants to get there immediately.

TOC generator plugin is one of the best options for WordPress users. And do not stop there. There are plenty of other excellent plugins that will make articles more reader-friendly.

Step #2 – Select an Original Topic

Originality is not something you can stick to consistently, especially in a niche that is competitive or very narrow in the first place. Sometimes, you exhaust the ideas and have nothing else to write.

Producing original content in such cases can be rather difficult. Some writers abandon originality and rehash old ideas without realizing that it will only damage their reputation in the long run.

Since writing long articles is the goal, you need to be consistent throughout the whole process and not deviate from the original ideas even when things are getting rough.

Consistency is also important. Do not change your tone in the middle of the article as it really disrupts the flow and makes people drop the article before they finish reading it.

Step #3 – Write About Trending Ideas

Write About Trending Ideas
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Coming back to the point of lacking original ideas, if you cannot come up with titles yourself, take a look at what are the hot topics in the world right now. Google Trends is a great tool that will show you the trends.

The problem will be connecting these trends to your niche and make the article relevant. You may need to take more than just a single trend if you cannot produce enough words with just a single idea.

Step #4 – Get a Proofreader

Writing is tricky, and you should not rely entirely on yourself when it comes to checking for mistakes or thinking that there is nothing wrong with the article.

Another perspective can be of great use. Have someone proofread the article and check for mistakes. Moreover, ask for this person’s opinion of what he or she thought overall and whether other people would find the article interesting to read.

If you cannot find someone you can rely on, there are also tools like Grammarly available. Those can come in handy as well.

Step #5 – Include Social Media Buttons

Include Social Media Buttons
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Social media buttons for sharing the article on the most popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can significantly increase your readership. People who have liked the article are more likely to share it on their feed and grab the attention of their friends or followers.

Of course, the overall quality of the article still matters the most. But when it comes to drawing more readers, do not forget about including social media buttons at the end of the article.

Step #6 – Add Some Visuals

Going overboard with visuals can be a hindrance and another factor that disrupts the overall flow of the article. In other words, if you clutter the content with too many pictures that might seem like they are a good idea but only stand in the way, it would be better to keep things to a minimum.

Abandoning this idea completely is also something you should not do. Adding infographics, some pictures, and even embedding a relevant video might strengthen the quality of your article. Though finding the perfect formula will take some experiments. Spend some time testing different variations and see which are the most efficient.

Step #7 – Optimize Articles for SEO

Optimize Articles for SEO
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Organic website traffic is something that you can achieve with properly optimized and long articles. Take this advantage and make sure that there are relevant keywords, right sentence structure, not too much passive tense, and everything else that makes the article SEO-friendly.

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