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According to a feedback forum conducted by SalesForce for applicants who have previously applied to a company like me, a majority of the people mentioned that they prefer Salesforce because of their career growth opportunities and transparency.

SalesForce is an American Software Management Firm that offers three forms of specialty positions in the company for developers, consultants, and administrative departments. I applied for the developer position.

This is mainly why SalesForce ranks at top positions among companies that are preferred by technical job aspirants.

If you consider yourself as one of us, then make sure to check out this blog for important SalesForce interview experience tips and tricks to land your dream role at the sai company.

SalesForce SDE Interview Experience

For the SalesForce SDE Interview, I had to go through 4 different rounds where all the questions were based on programming and coding.

I got to know that every round in the SalesForce SDE Interview are basically technical coding rounds.

In the following section, I have discussed each round specifically and also added sample questions for each to clarify your doubt on how to clear the different rounds in the technical interview process.

Programming Round

Since all the rounds in the SDE interview for SalesForce are technical rounds, I had the added advantage to only prepare coding based questions for their hiring process.

The programming round lasted up to 75 minutes where I was asked to solve 2 coding questions.

Here’s the technical question that I was asked for this round.

Problem Statement:

Q. How would you define wild pointers? Give us an example on how they can be avoided.

Ans. I answered this question as follows:

Wild pointers can be defined as pointers that point to random arbitrary locations in memory which can ultimately cause the program to behave improperly and finally crash.

To avoid a wild pointer, and if you do not have a variable function in mind, you can perform the following actions:

int main()
int *temp_pointer = (int *) malloc (sizeof(int)); // Not a wild pointer

After clearing this round I had to face a video conferencing round. This round went as follows:

Video Conferencing Round- Part 1

This round lasted approximately an hour. Over the video conference, I was asked to solve 2 coding questions.

Here’s one of the questions I was asked to solve in the coding round.

Problem Statement:

Q. You have been given two wires that burn for an hour each. Your task is to calculate 45 minutes using the two identical wires, you have been given matchsticks for this purpose. But, the catch is that the wires only burn in a non-uniform manner meaning that one half could burn in 10 minutes while the other could possibly burn in 50.

Ans. Here’s how I tackled this coding question:

Since it takes an hour for both wires to burn out completely, we can start with lighting them up at the same time.

Initially, we will light the first wire from both sides and the second wire from one side.

The first wire will be completely burned within 30 minutes and, after this duration we shall also light the other end of the second wire.

The second wire should now take 45 minutes to burn, meaning that after the 45 minute mark, we have successfully burned both wires and calculated the time as well.

Next up, after clearing this round I had another video conferencing interview that went as follows:

Video Conferencing Round- Part 2

In the next video conferencing round I had to solve 4 coding and programming-based questions this time around!

I was given a Binary Conversion Problem to solve.

Problem Statement:

You have been provided binary numbers as input, your task is to write a program for converting the provided binary numbers to their equivalent decimals.

Input- 111
Output- 7

Input- 100001
Output- 33

Input- 1010
Output- 10

Answer Key:

For starters I converted the given input from binary digits to their corresponding decimals, the idea was to start extracting the given digits of the binary numbers from the right-end while keeping a variable dec_value.

Also, while extracting the numbers, I kept multiplying the digits using the power of 2 while adding them to the variable dec_value.

Finally, as my output was generated, I found that the variable dec_value started storing decimal numbers by itself within the program.

Time Complexity- O(logn)

Auxiliary Space- O(1)

After solving the technical rounds, I finally managed to secure a position in the HR Round. Here’s how it went.

HR Round

Finally, I had to face the HR Interview Round which is also technically a programming round accompanied with personal and professional interview questions.

This round lasted a minimum of 30 minutes. The technical questions mentioned in this round are comparatively on the lighter side than the other technical rounds.

Here I was asked to solve a DevOps based coding question.

Problem Statement:

Explain how DevOps is different from Agile Methodology.

Answer Key:

I answered this question in the following manner:

DevOps is a program that is used to facilitate successful completion of operations and product development.

On the other hand, Agile Methodology is used for improvising on the pre-existing software features based on customer feedback.

DevOps is used for testing, deployment, continuous development, monitoring and integration of the SDLC cycle.

On the other hand, we have Agile Methodology which is used for removing the gap between understanding of the developer and the client.

Wrapping Up

After going through the entire SalesForce interview for the Software Developer Position at SalesForce I found that it is highly important to have fluency in at least one or more programming languages.

I found that the interviewers were also persistent in knowing whether you have proficiency in Java programming.

So, have you also lately appeared for any coding interviews?

If yes, then do share your experience and also have a look at the interview experiences of candidates who have shared their Google, Adobe and Sap Labs interview experiences.

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