11 Logical Reasons for Businesses to Go Paperless

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It has been a long time since most of the organizations have already changed their style of work and shifted to a much reliable work system and gone paperless completely. Working with a pile of paper can create a mess and is an obvious reason for stressful work life—it is not possible to not have a headache and frustration while searching for an important paper document and not able to find it in the piles of documents.

To avoid such distractions at workplace, there is a solution; yes, the solution is to remove all the paper documents from the office by digitizing them and shift to a complete robust system, which is known as Document Management System (DMS)—this system is much safer, easy to use and obviously helps in quick retrieval. For more information, you may check this link – https://www.filecenterdms.com/info-convert-to-pdf-software.html.

It might need some effort to use the DMS in a proper way, but it’s worth the effort because this helps in making your workflow smooth.

If you are still having doubts then read on, the following points are the reasons why a business should go paperless:

1. Locating the Documents

When your paper documents are digitized then it enables you to find the documents with more ease because you can just search the system using a keyword, phrase and even plain text; and the document will be in front of you within moments.
In this way retrieving old documents become much more accessible, which is never possible if you have to search through the paper documents. But, I think you must know its advantages and disadvantages first here on Staples to ensure which one is better.

2. Time Saver

A survey stated that an employee wastes 30-40% of the working time while looking for information, which can cost the company $20 monthly. When file retrieving is quick and easy, then it is evident that it is saving time and energy, which can be used in more productive task to maintain the work efficiency.

3. Money Saver

When the papers are being digitized, then there’s no need to spend money on paper, printing ink, toner, and other relatable things. A typical office may have four cabinets, which can store 10-12000 thousand paper documents; if we calculate all the expenses, then it may cost around $1500 yearly, which can be saved if you move to a paperless office.

4. Space Saver

A file cabinet takes approximate 9 square feet floor space, so when an office has four to five cabinets, then those cabinets are occupying a larger area from the office. Going paperless can save some space which can be used for some other essential things.

5. Easy Collaboration

While some people are working on a project they might need an easy process to send and receive files between them to complete the task; and it can be possible using the DMS, because the digital documents can be shared using any file transferring process while sitting at your desk; so the collaboration seems much easy and effective to complete a teamwork.

Sometimes converting some documents in a particular format is needed to complete a task; since PDF is globally used, the DMS comes along with some other software and tools which can directly convert thousands of file into PDF format in a day; for more information go to https://www.docupile.com/reasons-to-go-paperless/

6. No Compromise in Accessibility

A document or report can be required by many employees at a time; but when using paper documents, there is a possibility that when one employee is working with a report, the other employee has to wait for his/her turn to use that document—this obviously leads to wastage of time.

When the documents are digitized, then many people can work using the same document, and if several employees are modifying one document, then it won’t be a problem finding the correct one, because all the modified versions along with the correct version would get saved.

7. Anywhere Access

Working from home–the concept would never work if one cannot get access to the required files, other than that, there are possibilities that you might need some vital business file while attending a meeting or conference in any other place; using the paper documents it is never possible to get those documents sooner, whereas the cloud-based DMS enables the authorized user to access files 24*7 from any device that supports and have an active internet connection.

8. Security

The paper documents are never safe’ because, without your attention, anyone can copy, damage, and steal your confidential and private records; which can be very risky. No one wants to be on the news for being a victim of a data breach.

The DMS comes with some security feature which lets you give permission to particular users who can have access to your files; also you can monitor the access anytime by sitting at your desk. On the other hand, files can be secured from folder level by using passwords and also while transferring the data can be encrypted for additional security; which is never possible in case of paper documents.

9. Safety from Natural Disaster

You cannot control nature; thus, natural disaster or accidents can happen, but precautions can always be taken. Paper documents can be easily damaged due to flood or fire. The digital documents are safe from natural disaster because those documents do not have any physical presence; they either get saved in the server or the cloud, which can be easily retrieved even after a disaster.

10. Clients and Customer going to Love it

If your projects are being done on time, or your services are getting better then obviously your Customer and clients are going to love the changes. A DMS can be useful in maintaining workflow as well as it can perform some tasks on behalf of you, which can be very useful.

11. Eco-Friendly

Last but not at all least is that shifting to a paperless office is actually making you take one step forward to be eco-friendly. Reducing paper usage saves trees as well as there’s no need to courier documents, which indirectly helps in controlling air pollution and carbon emission. The Green Prophet here discussed how important going paperless and save the environment.

Digitization is the future, and no one can ignore it. As many companies are utilizing the benefit or modernizing their business, delaying the changes are actually making you stay behind in the race. Being present in this tech era, it is most logical to shift to a paperless digital solution and save the money, energy, and time for more productive work; thus, a company can grow properly.

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