Pros and Cons of Working With Dual Monitors

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When it comes to using a personal computer, lots of people prefer a dual monitor setup. There are lots of reasons why using two monitors has become more and more popular over time. Using two monitors can help you multitask better, and get more done, and is definitely less frustrating compared to constantly flicking between tabs or using a split screen. Keep reading to find out more about some of the main advantages of a dual monitor setup.

Easy to Setup

You can find computer monitors for sale at reasonable prices and add one to your laptop, or alongside your main desktop PC monitor quite easily. Whether you’re considering having two ultrawide monitors, two standard-sized, or one ultrawide and one standard-sized monitor, they are usually fairly simple to set up. Most computers and laptops come with an HDMI port, which you can use to connect your second monitor to it. If you’re using a computer that doesn’t, such as newer MacBooks, then you can connect a monitor using a hub or with an HDMI to USB-c cable quite easily.

Great for Gaming

If you are a gamer, then a dual monitor setup is definitely better than a single monitor. With two monitors, you will be much more immersed in the game, and it’s easier to spread the visual information of the game across both screens at the same time. Or, if you do things like streaming your games on Twitch, you can easily use one for playing the game and the other to keep up with your chat and views.

Better Productivity

If you use a computer for work, then a dual monitor setup can have a lot of benefits. Many studies have found that using dual monitors can actually increase productivity among workers. When you have two screens, you’re not wasting any time flicking in between programs or tabs as you can simply have one open on each.

Are There any Disadvantages?

There are certainly lots of reasons to consider a dual monitor setup – but are there any reasons why it might not be a good idea? Desk space could be a problem for some; if you have a small office space then two monitors might take it all up, although you may be able to get around this by mounting the monitors on the wall or using clamp mounts for dual monitors that attach to your desk to free up the space. Along with this, dual monitors can be quite taxing on your computer’s graphics card, so if you are using two displays and notice that the computer is running slower than usual, this might be something that is worth updating for you to have a better experience.

While they do take up more space on your desk, it’s worth going for dual monitors if you are able to have them. Not only can they help you be more productive at work but having two displays is also an excellent choice for gamers. And they’re easy to get set up and started with.

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