Why Is a LED Vanity Mirror Important For Your Touch Ups?

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They are small, affordable, easy to pack, and will save you headaches.

There are only a handful of things you really need to have on-hand every day. Phone. Wallet. Keys. Maybe one or two other things according to your hobbies or field of work. But, the chances are, you carry a purse for your daily commute, and wherever your day takes you afterward. And since that affords you plenty of extra space, there are some extras – things that are useful, but are not worth carrying in your pockets – you should keep at the ready.

They are all small enough that they will not get in the way of whatever else you need to pack, but will come in handy when you are out and about.

1. Beauty Bank

What is Beauty Bank?

It’s an illuminating compact mirror that serves as a portable charger for your Android or Apple device. It is the perfect accessory for any girl on the go who wants to stay powered and pretty throughout the day!

Running out of battery life is not something you want to encounter. What do you do when your phone dies before you can call someone you are supposed to meet? Or, you need help and do not have a quick way to contact someone?

The solution: get one of these beauty banks, keep it charged up and ready to go in your purse, it will be there when you need it the most. They are especially helpful on the days when you are away from home for an extended period of time, like day trips or long stretches of travel.

2. An LED Vanity Mirror

Your beauty bank doubles as an LED vanity mirror which is perfect for midday touch-ups! Every girl knows that makeup needs touching up from time to time, and our phones definitely do not stay charged throughout the whole day, the beauty bank ensures that the girl on the go is 100% happy!

Benefits of LED for your touch-ups:

  • Superior light quality.
  • LED technology enables extremely flexible lighting design.
  • LED light sources use 75% less energy than the other light sources to produce the same light output.

3. Your Go-To Hair Product

Bad hair days happen. By keeping a small container of hair product in your bag, you can be sure you will not get caught off guard. It will serve you well for quick touch-ups, like if you take off your winter hat and realize your hair doesn’t look the way you want. Also, it will be very helpful if you want to sharpen up your hairstyle after a long day at work before you head to a night out. And when combined with a LED vanity mirror, you can have full control over any situation.

4. Chapstick or Sunscreen

If you are deep into summer and it’s scorching hot outside, some backup SPF will keep you from getting burned when you end up being outside for longer than you expected. It will come in handy when you are on a hike, walking around the park, at an outdoor concert, or anything similar, and realize the sunscreen you put on in the morning has started to wear off. If you are battling the colder months, a spare tube of chapstick can be a great item after long, windy walks. When you realize your lips are way too dry, and you left your primary chapstick in your other pants’ pocket, you will be glad you had the foresight to pack an extra one.

5. Travel-Size Perfume

Life can be unpredictable, which means you do not always know where each day will take you. So it is good to carry a travel-sized version of your favorite perfume in your purse – because you never know when you will need a top up.

That is your stash for everyday emergencies. Keep them in a small side pocket, and you will still have the rest of your bag’s interior space to fill with whatever else you need to get after work or during the weekend.

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