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There was once a time when the internet was some entity that lured everyone in, not because of its contribution to one’s leisure time but for official and professional workings. Although the same is true for the current internet service provider market, the trend has moved on. Consumer that exist now just don’t want a basic internet plan that gives you the bear minimum functions, instead they want, wait for it, extremely fast download speeds, extremely fast upload speeds, no data caps, high reliability and low costs.

Spectrum has a reputation of always coming up with new and exciting plans for their wide range of target market. The internet service provider has recently started a scheme where it offers a 60 days free internet access to all K-12 residents and their families. This offer also extends to students, both who are current Charter Spectrum customers and even to those who still haven’t subscribed to Spectrums internet services.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the entire world upside down, people now have to think twice or thrice before going out and maybe even more times before inviting someone in to their own home or place of residence. Since, people now have this fear of interaction which is completely justified, they still have to perform or interact with certain individuals for their tasks. Take a Spectrum Internet Service providers technical team. If you subscribe to their plans or packages, you definitely will need a professional to come in and help you with the installation procedure, this is particularly true for those customers who are not tech savvy at all.

Professional Technician Vs Self-Installation

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this exact question has been causing a real havoc in the internet and digital media industry. Consumers who are not at all tech savvy have to rely on complete strangers just walking in to their houses and installing the equipment that they have bought or rented from an internet service provider.

Below we have discussed the most important questions that you need to answer in order to figure out whether or not you can handle the work or stress of self-installation. A professional technician is one that is a highly experienced individual that knows all the possible ways to efficient install your product whereas self-installation refers to the consumer being directly responsible for fitting the equipment or appliance in his house for his own use.

How Tech Savvy Are You?

Tech savvy are people who know how to handle, install and work around with different levels of technology. These people are updated with the latest upgrades and make it their hobbies to find new innovations and figure them out. These people are pretty much self-sufficient when it comes to handling their gadgets.

If you think that you are indeed one of those people who can easily handle their tech and would have no trouble using hard tools as well or even with getting their hands dirty in order to get things done, then well, you are good to do your installation yourself.

What Is Your Routine?

This was more of a relevant question in the pre corona virus era where people had to go to their offices via trains and busses, had long commutes and travel times, not much free time and long working hours per day. These were the people that did not have any time on their hands during the weekdays and definitely did not want to get engulfed in the entire self-installation of a product that they got just for relaxation purposes. These people would prefer to have a professional handle their work load.

However, since the corona virus pandemic most people have shifted to a work from home policy and are stuck home with minimal outside interaction (if you follow what the government actually tells us to do). You would love to have someone just come in and do your work for you, if you’re that type of a person then sure, invite a professional in to your house but be sure about following the proper SOP’s.

Having A Professional Take Over

Calling in for help from a trained professional technician is nothing to feel ashamed about. There could be multiple reasons for calling them. The primary reason being that you just aren’t aware of the proper alignments or steps that you need to take or you simply just don’t have the time to cater to these responsibilities and you much rather have a professional help you or if you’re a perfectionist and you prefer to let a professional handle your stuff.

Doing It Yourself

As we stated above, if you feel that you have complete knowledge of all the steps that you need to take in order to install a product or device on your own and you have the time to do it, then we would suggest that you do it yourself. Save yourself some extra money and spend it somewhere else that you’d like.

Spectrum Self-Installation Kit: Contents

Have a look at the contents in this list so that you know what you’ll be getting and whether you can manage to work with just these tools.

  • Modem
  • Ethernet Cable
  • A Welcome Guide And A Set Of Instructions
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Power And Coaxial Cables

The Final Stance

You might not meet one person who hasn’t had to suffer hardships or a lack of money flowing into their accounts during the past few months that were engulfed in the lockdowns. Inviting a total stranger in your homes right now is a bad idea indeed. However, if you aren’t tech-savvy enough to install your Spectrum Products on your own then you can rely on all the SOP’s and invite the technician as fast as possible.

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