8 Tips to Achieve the Best Results from Your Instagram Advertising

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It’s an open secret. Instagram is more than a typical social media platform. And businesses worldwide know it. They rush to it as their first choice for online advertising. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to push up their brand awareness, better customer satisfaction, and ad targeting? Indeed, the platform has over 800 million active users with enormous networking capabilities. It is a rare chance to engage with a diverse audience at a personal level. Then, what can your business do to ensure you get the best results from your objective-based marketing campaigns on Instagram? Here are seven tips: –

1. Switch to the Instagram Business Account

On your Instagram settings, switch it to a business profile. That way, your target customers can contact you directly at the push of a button. Plus, you won’t need extra advertising tools to carry out your Instagram ads. Indeed, the business profile gives you access to free analytic tools that show you the impact of your impressions and reach.

2. Incorporate An Influencer

Now, influencers have followers and subscribers from a broad reach. By working with such individuals, you tap into an existing large following. That way, you do not have to build your viewership from scratch. How so? Well, it’s the latest trend. More consumers prefer to use products and services sampled by their favorite influencers. It is a choice based on trust. Hence, choose the right influencer for your brand.

3. Use Sponsored Ads

Instagram has the carousel feature that lets you place one or many sponsored ads that fit your budget. That way, you get to explore new ways of targeting your audience. For sure, sponsored ads expand your advertising viewership beyond your followers. Now, anyone on Instagram who fits the definition of your target audience will see your ads. Start by converting your current trending Instagram posts into sponsored ads. If you opt for multiple sponsored ads, choose between photos, videos, dynamic ads, stories, or stories canvas.

4. Take Advantage of the Free Instagram Tools

Instagram has many tools to make your advertising campaigns efficient and effective. First, get to track your brand mentions using the Awario. Then, analyze your advertising performance using Squarelovin. Third, InstaSize’s 80 plus video and image editing capabilities allow you to publish appealing and authentic output. Other tools include Preview for grid planning, Buffer for scheduling, and RiteTag for hashtag research.

5. How About Product Teasers?

Do you often find persons carried away by a particular story, video, or message? That’s how a product teaser works. It gets your audience talking about your product without getting the impression that it is an advert you are running. Yes, think of the Dancing Canman by Strathcona Brewery, for example. It’s a series of fun video clips that personalize their beer products using dance and music. In turn, the brand gets the buzz it deserves. Consider sites like promo.com for top-notch videos that will guarantee you conversions.

6. Instagram Scraper

Instagram Scraper is a web scraping tool used to extract data from Instagram. This tool can be used to collect user posts, comments, likes, followers, and other data from Instagram. It can also be used to analyse trends and gain insights into user behaviour. The tool can be used by marketers, researchers, and data analysts to gain valuable insights into the Instagram platform.

7. Instagram Stories For Leads

Now, this is how Instagram stories work. Using a slideshow format, you can run live stories for up to 24 hours. During this time, the stories appear right above the news feed and appear as a pop-up window anytime a user clicks on them. Hence, you get your story the viewer’s timeline and not a news feed. This way, you know the users will see your stories. Next, use this option to show the behind-the-scenes posts. Here, you can experiment with different ad ideas that may not match the aesthetic of your conventional brand image.

8. Timing Is Crucial

Yes, ensure your posts are consistent, not excessive, and at the right time. Indeed, if you opt to make too many posts, your users will feel obliged to block you on their news feed. In contrast, know the peak hours when your target audience is online. Then, post a few value-adding posts that go live at these peak hours. Make use of such tools like Sprout Social, CoSchedule, and HootSuite. Still, should you feel you have more to share? Opt for the album feature on the carousel. This feature keeps your viewer’s news feed unclogged.


With the above tips, do you have your ads ready? If not, start by determining your target audience. Then, decide whether you want an advertisement for brand awareness, maximum reach, video views, traffic, conversions, engagement, or app installs. Once you pick your area of focus, choose your ideal placements, lest Facebook puts your ads on both Instagram and Facebook. Plus, do not forget to stick to your budget and schedule.

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