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A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs want to make it in online business. And one of the hottest websites for online business right now is Amazon. From a simple online marketplace, Amazon has come a long way and has become one of the tech giants as well as the biggest online retailer in the world. Amazon has even gone the extra mile with their FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon service. FBA allows sellers to do their business on the website while letting Amazon handle the storage, shipping, and customer service. It’s indeed a convenient way of managing an Amazon business if you’re a merchant on the website.

Amazon FBA Seller Course

If you’re planning to start your own online business on Amazon, it’s best to enroll in a seller course first. One of the sought after and pioneering Amazon seller course is no other than the Proven Amazon Course. Here are some things you need to know about the Proven Amazon Course or PAC:

What is The Proven Amazon FBA Seller Course?

PAC or Proven Amazon Course is the brainchild of Jim Cockrum. As a successful FBA business owner, he wanted to share his knowledge with others who are also aiming to succeed in an Amazon business. He saw the potential of FBA in generating income if it’s managed well. He also got other trainers on board to help him spread the good news and guide eager students to become successful FBA business owners. Jim started PAC back in 2009 and has been updating the training program to keep up with new trends and maintain its effectiveness. Like every Amazon training program, the Proven Amazon Course isn’t free, but most people who’ve been through the course say it’s worth the investment of time and money.

If you’re interested in becoming a PAC student, the following are what’s in store for you:

  • The basics of becoming an Amazon FBA seller.
  • Building your brand of private label products.
  • Choosing the best products to sell on Amazon.
  • Sourcing for the best suppliers.
  • Keys to competitive pricing.
  • Applying automation to your FBA business operations.
  • Inventory and other tools in managing your FBA business.
  • Building your own team.
  • Becoming a part of the PAC online community.

These are just some of the things you can learn from a Proven Amazon Course. As you can see, it’s a comprehensive course that teaches you how to build your FBA business from scratch and manage it with your own team, automation tools, and business model. You can also visit this website for additional information on this top-rated course and more about lead generation.

Why Choose PAC Over Other Amazon Seller Courses?

The Proven Amazon Course isn’t the only Amazon training program these days. There are hundreds of seller courses you can find online. However, only a few actually stand out and prove to be worth buying. PAC happens to be among the best Amazon training courses. If you need more reasons to convince you to buy a Proven Amazon Course, here is a list you should check out:

  • Its Course Content – As you may have already read above, PAC’s training program covers a vast and significant area of how to run an FBA business.
  • It’s Time Tested – PAC has been around since 2009. It has gone through many improvements for the past decade. Through those years, PAC never lost its esteem as a preferred Amazon training course. This goes to show how effective and helpful it is in making FBA business owners succeed.
  • The Price – Compared to other Amazon training courses, PAC comes with a budget-friendly rate. If you can’t pay it at once, you have the option to pay it in installments of three payments. To make the payment process more convenient, they also have the option of paying online through Paypal.
  • The Community – For the past decade, Jim was able to build his dream team of professionals. Together, they helped bring PAC to where it is now. They were also able to build an active and exclusive online community. The PAC community is made up of students, trainers, and moderators who constantly communicate and help each other. Having a helpful community of other FBA entrepreneurs is a great way of building your network. If you want to experience having connections in the FBA business industry, becoming a part of the PAC community is an excellent choice.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – It’s no joke spending time and money listening to a guru or going through many PDFs is the best way to learn about how to become the best FBA business owner you can be. If you feel that you’re getting less than what you’re paying for, many Amazon training courses have a refund policy. Having a money back guarantee is one of the things students look for in a course. The problem is that some Amazon training courses leave out the mention of their refund policy in the fine print or worse you have to ask first if they do have such a policy. The Proven Amazon Course is honest enough to tell interested individuals that they do have a 100% money back guarantee. They even have it on their website.
  • Beginners and Advanced FBA Sellers are Welcome – Since PAC gets revamped regularly to keep its course content fresh and significant, both beginner and old FBA sellers can learn a lot from it. Besides, with PACs exclusive community, new ideas also get shared between members which any beginner and advanced level FBA sellers can use.
  • It’s Applicable Internationally – Amazon has already reached international markets like the UK and Germany. Jim and the PAC team have always been keen on considering the need for aspiring FBA sellers in these countries. That’s why they made their course applicable to FBA businesses anywhere. They have testimonials from successful FBA sellers from Europe and Asia who have been able to do business across different continents.


The information you have found here is just the tip of the iceberg. Jim and his PAC team have done an amazing job of sharing his expertise and helping more people become successful FBA sellers. A decade of success is not something that many course providers can achieve. However, you must also never forget that success in FBA doesn’t just lie in the convenience of the service or the quality of the course you take, like PAC. It takes commitment and hard work.

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