How to Enhance Your eBay Business

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When you run an eBay business, it can get very ‘samey,’ and trying to think of different ways you can enhance your business without moving away from your core customer base can be difficult. In fact, you are going to want to provide excellent customer service as your business success will hinge on that.

However, there are some other things that you can do which could make the difference that you are after.

1. Improve your product range

Without moving out of the niche that you are currently in, you may want to improve your product range. This means that you should be looking at products that are closely connected to those you are already providing. Offering product enhancements such as those that will improve performance or will complement your existing range would be a good idea. For instance, if you are selling vintage console games, then selling memory cards, controllers, or even replacement boxes, as these get brittle over time and are prone to breaking.

2. Invest in purpose-designed packaging

Using purpose-designed packaging for your products will, of course, limit damage caused in transit, but it will also make your products look more expensive and desirable. This can be highlighted if you have your brand or company name printed on them. You will be amazed at the pleasure your customers will get from undergoing a positive unboxing experience.

3. Obtain reliable couriers

Of course, in order for your customers to enjoy this experience, they are going to have to actually take receipt of their order. This is an area that is pretty much out of the hands of the seller and can, when parcels go missing, be frustrating for both seller and buyer. If you run a particularly busy business, you are going to have lots of eBay shipping every day. This potentially means you could encounter this frustration on a regular basis. The only option you will have is to hire the services of a courier service such as that takes delivery seriously.

4. Increase communication with buyers

In order to provide a friendly service, you will need to engage with your customers. For instance, it is a common courtesy to thank them for their order when they have placed it – especially if they have paid promptly. Including a packing slip with a little handwritten note to say thank you will also you’re your appreciation. However, you can also take the time to let them know when their goods are with the courier, as well as check in with them after they have received their order. This will be mainly to ascertain that they are happy with their purchase and that it has got to them in one piece.

Final thoughts

Simple actions can speak mountains when dealing with customers, and in a business where you are unlikely to see your customers face-to-face, you will need to double up your efforts. On a selling platform such as eBay, it can be hard to build solid customer relations as you have no guarantee that your previous customers will your store over your competition, so using tactics that will undoubtedly stick in their minds as a good experience should make your company or brand stay at the forefront of their minds.

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