How to Calculate Your Website’s Uptime

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Our company has a free built-in website outage status checker to offer you the best way to analyze whether your website is down, for you alone to use, or for everyone else as well but before that, here’s what you should know about uptime.

It’s the period that your website is available and operational online. Which, in simple terms, means the uninterrupted time that your host server experiences. It’s usually expressed as a percentage of the total available time.

The most ideal uptime should be around 100%. For a website to receive 100% uptime, it means that it was available and accessible throughout the year and 24/7 without any problems.

The following is how your website uptime is calculated:

The total number of hours that your website is available online, divided by the total number of hours per year multiplied by 100.
Therefore, uptime = (Total available time/total time per year) x 100. For example, there are 365 days in a year, so in hours, it will be represented as 365 x 24=8760 hours. If there are 4 hours of downtime per year, then the result would be:

8756/8760 x 100 =99.95%

Factors that can affect your website uptime

There are so many factors that can affect your web hosting server’s uptime, and these include:

1. Hardware failures
2. Natural disaster(s)
3. Security threats
4. Human errors
5. Power outage

When looking for a website outage status checker company, you need to factor in these crucial points to help you make an informed decision.

It’s also worth noting that no web hosting provider can guarantee a 100% uptime, but you should know that anything that is below 99.9% is unreliable.

Our firm’s website outage status checker is the best way to analyze whether your website is down or not. The following is a simple step that you can use when using it:

1. You need to submit your URL to the uptime checker tool.

To test if your website is available, all you need to do is to enter your website’s URL in our website’s uptime status checker tool.

2. Our tool monitors your site.

Immediately after submitting the URL, our uptime status checker tool checks whether your website is available or not.

3. Get the result ready

After the website performs the test, you will get the status results immediately alongside which, you will find some of the following details:

  • Title of the site.
  • The latest screenshot of the site.
  • The hosting provider where the site is hosted.

Website downtime

For you to understand the importance of website uptime, you should be aware of what happens when a site goes down for a few minutes.

It sabotages your online reputation.

There is nothing worse that can sabotage your reputation than your website being in a situation in which it is unreachable to your potential clients and investors.

Customers expect websites to stay operational round the clock, and if your site is down, it frustrates them, thus labeling you unreliable.

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