How AI Chatbots Carry Out Customer Service Jobs?

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If you are an online business owner, then you know how important it is to carter for customer service. Nowadays, there are many tools you can use to provide support to your customers. These include some classic methods such as live chat support. Recently, due to major development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), many new tools have been designed and they are constantly being improved and updated which can help you in customer service.

One of these most commonly used tools is called chatbot and many brands and businesses have already employed it in their systems. For instance, one of the major telecom companies in the US i.e. Xfinity offers live chat support as one of their communication channels for customers who use Xfinity internet. Just like you dial the Xfinity phone number to communicate; chatbot is one enhanced feature that Xfinity uses for communication with their customers.

Read on to find out what features your brand can enjoy by introducing chatbot communication;

How Chatbots Work?

A chatbot is a software tool you can use for your online website to provide customer service to your clients. It engages customers in conversation providing them with necessary input and detail about specific questions and queries.

The extent to which chatbots can engage in conversation depends on the kind of software you are using but they all have a limitation of only being able to engage as much data as you have provided in the software.

Usually, when you go to an online website, the chatbot greets you in a chat pop-up which you can further use to get answers to some common questions.

Why Chatbots are Useful?

Large numbers of online business owners are using chatbots with the number of chatbot users increasing each day. Here are some of the reasons why chatbots are a useful addition to your business;

Fast Response

The number one reason for using chatbots is their fast response. As soon as the customer enters the website, they are quickly greeted by the chatbot just like a person would be greeted by a salesperson at any store. The key to successful customer service is a fast response. With a chatbot, the customer gets a fast response to common issues or problems. People feel more valued if their questions and queries are answered quickly and they prefer such businesses more.


Using a chatbot is highly effective. It provides you with another front through which you can entertain your customers without having to employ an additional workforce. As chatbots are designed to provide answers to basic questions and queries, any customer can get their answer right away. For those customers who have a more complex query or issue, the chatbot can direct the query to a human operator who can then provide the customer with the desired service.

Time Managing

Using a chatbot can prove to be very time-managing for your customer care team. Chatbots are available round the clock to your customers so you do not have to worry about manning the customer care team round the clock. Furthermore, it can show you the queries and complaints left by customers which need your utmost attention. In this way, you can save a lot of time in managing.


Chatbot on your website is available throughout the clock. You do not need to employ extra hands to provide customer care. In this way not only does your customer get 24 hours service but it also cuts down on your expenses.

Joint Support

As many online business models follow, chatbots are used to provide a basic and common level of customer care. Whereas, more complex and bigger issues can be handled by the human representative. In this way, you can provide better support to your customers.

Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is a happy customer. Business owners have to make sure that their customers get the kind of service that they want. By incorporating chatbots in your business, you provide fast and quick responses to your customers. Also, as many of the basic level issues are resolved by the chatbot, your customer care team can provide a better service to your customers because of the less load and better information.

Customer Profiling

By using an AI chatbot, you can gather information about your customer, their likings, and preferences in order to provide them with the products that they will like. In this way, you can collect information about them and it becomes easier to provide support or to know what your customer wants to buy if they are recurring customers. This way you can build your customer base and get long-term customers.

Wrapping, AI, and machine learning have revolutionized the online business structure. With each day, there are numerous improvements in this field. One day your chatbot will be capable enough to handle your customer care and service all by itself.

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