Factors to Consider When Buying a New Smartphone

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There are hundreds (if not thousands) types of smartphones available in the market today. However, before you set on purchasing one, you ought to get your priorities straight. With a plethora of options to pick from, it might be a daunting experience trying to choose the right device for you.

Luckily, you might have to consider a couple of things to help you narrow down your list of preferred smartphones. Here is what you should pay attention to:


The first thing to consider would be the budget you have allocated towards purchasing a new cell phone. Different phones have their prices, which are mostly determined by the features they have.

Some high-end phones tend to cost much higher than others. This can be attributed to their operating system, the RAM and ROM capacity, the clarity of the camera, among many other features. Luckily, you can find some good phones with really nice features costing much less.

This means that you should first take your time to go through some top-rated online mobile store and check the phone categories by price. You’ll be surprised to find some good choices at affordable rates.

The storage

As time goes by, people end up having a growing need to get extra storage on our smartphones. You may require numerous apps to make daily living seamless, videos, music, etc. You don’t want to be hit with the irritating ‘storage full’ notifications when you turn on your phone or add something new.

It is highly recommended to go for a phone with at least 64GB of storage or even more. If you can only afford one with lower storage, you may opt to get one that supports an external ‘micro SD’ to boost internal memory.

The age

Although not many buyers often consider this factor, it is crucial to determine how your phone will serve you. You might save a few bucks when you go for a refurbished older model smartphone – after all, it still has some awesome features that can be useful to you. However, this should not be the case. As time goes, some new features are added to smartphones, which makes older models obsolete.

Furthermore, some companies cease to provide software updates and support to older devices, forcing their customers to get the newer models.

The company’s reputation

Although this point is entirely subjective, it is good to consider the reputation of the company before purchasing their products. Some of them are considered safe bets, while others have numerous negative reviews online.

If the company is relatively new, you might have to wait and see what other people might say about their products before you spend your money on their products and end up regretting later on.

The size and display

Ever since smartphones started to hit the markets, they have been made in all sizes. All this depends on what you intend to do with your phone and the size of your hand is more comfortable holding. If you like watching movies using your phone, then a bigger screen would be much better.

Any phones you purchase should have a display of at least 1920 * 1080p. If you can cough out more money, then a clearer 2560 * 1440 Quad HD resolution would be ideal.


Before you settle on a phone to buy, you should go through some of the best online mobile stores to check on them based on the various factors mentioned in this article.

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