Effective Ways App Developers Can Improve Their Email Marketing Strategies

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Before now, many people do not really understand the importance of adopting relevant marketing methodologies to boost product awareness. But thanks to the increasing competition that is currently being experienced in the mobile app development industry, many application developers are beginning to take app marketing very seriously. In fact, some mobile app developers have even realized that the process should be as much of an ongoing concern as the app development process itself.

Without proper awareness and recognition, any app development project is as good as dead regardless of how attractive and valuable it may be. Since promotion on Apple’s App Store and Google Play cannot make any meaningful impact in improving app recognition, many mobile app developers are today not relenting in their efforts to adopt viable marketing approaches to become successful.

There are many available marketing channels app developers can use to reach their target audience and spread the word about their mobile application. Unfortunately, it is sad to note that not many modern developers are employing an effective email marketing campaign.

Why consider email marketing?

While email marketing has been in existence for quite some time now, many developers and app development companies have not really invested in it because they think it isn’t so effective in meeting their customer acquisition needs. Even those who have managed to adopt this strategy in the past are not so sure about adopting it again while others have even concluded that it is least relevant to them and their business.

Actually, the reason for this misconception is that many of these mobile app developers, as well as their development agencies, do not really understand what it means to adopt an effective email marketing campaign. Definitely, they are surely going to get tremendous results if only they understand how well to launch an effective marketing campaign with emails. Aside from helping to get their messages out to their customers, email marketing can be very effective in strengthening relationships between enterprises and their customers.

Many industry experts believe that email marketing stands head and shoulders above every other marketing approach, including social media marketing and word of mouth. Email is believed to stand taller than other marketing methods in the industry because not only does it provide marketers with full control over their message but it can also help to generate superior conversion rates for them.

For those looking to get the most bang for their money, here are some effective ways of promoting your mobile application development via email marketing.

Develop a strategic marketing plan

It is often recommended for mobile app developers to ensure that they develop an actionable marketing plan before even delving into the mobile app development process proper. This is mainly because you stand to get the necessary guidance you need to launch a successful app when you work with a strategic marketing plan. Besides, it is difficult to stop and change course when you are already elbow-deep in designing or coding a mobile application. It is a bad idea to wait until you receive approval from the App Store before you start marking and executing a marketing plan.

Choose an email service provider

For email, there is no need to adopt a complex marketing plan. Basically, you will need to begin by choosing an email service provider. There are many email service providers available. However, you can make the right choice by selecting a service provider that meets your immediate needs. If you’ve got no experience in this, please feel free to test a few trial campaigns before settling for a service provider.

Create a landing page

Creating a landing page is a very vital action that should be done in the early stage of your project. This is where you are required to present your email subscription form and a few details about the app that you are developing. Through this, you can connect with those who appreciate the concept of your app. As they wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for email updates from you so as not to miss out on the app’s launch. As a matter of fact, there is no better way to keep your highly esteemed users in the loop than this.

Create an email campaign

Now that you’ve gathered a significant amount of email addresses, it is now time to invite your subscribers to join the launch. Remember this is a marketing exercise so, it is essential to remain focused on your message and try as much as possible to be friendly but pungent in your communication. Basically, you should be looking to grab your readers’ attention even at first glance so ensure to use attractive and appealing content, as this is what makes the difference.

Launch your app

When it comes to mobile app development, many developers are still unaware that they can launch their mobile application with email. You should be focusing on getting the word out to the client once you’ve published your app on Google Play or submitted it on App Store. Just so you know, there are several ways you can announce the launch of your mobile app with email marketing. You can either do this via a standalone email announcement or in a newsletter.

But before you announce your app launch, there are certain things you must put in place. Basically, you will need to ensure that your subscribers can easily download the app from the newsletter you send to them. This can be done by embedding the download page in the message. Also, note that you will need to include the logo and branding for your desired app store so you can make a meaningful impact.

Don’t underestimate the power of content as this is the only way you can compel your subscribers and even get them excited about downloading the app from your preferred app store. You can also improve engagement by including crisp and inviting images.

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