The Economics of Link Building: Everything You Need to Know About Link Building

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When it comes to marketing in the new millennium, you’d better be Internet savvy, because people spend a lot of time on the net these days. Whether it be via their smartphones, tablets, or computers, people are always speeding on the information superhighway. So if you don’t have an aggressive Internet marketing campaign, then you’re crippling your business’s chances to reach a broader consumer base.

You have to be crafty when you’re coming up with an online marketing campaign. Google’s search engine algorithm sniffs out spammy content and puts it in a dungeon—so to speak. Search engine optimization (SEO) utilizes links and other methods to turn algorithms in your favor and increase your search engine ranking. Keep reading to learn more about how links can improve your marketing strategy.

The Internet Has Revolutionized Marketing

The digital age has brought about changes in every facet of business—especially marketing. Now ads are everywhere you look, and they seem to know exactly what you want, right?

Another way digital technology has revolutionized advertising is by enabling smaller companies to expand their respective market like never before. The Internet gives you the ability to turn your company into a global business if you use it right. The key is always be marketing—even when you’re not marketing. This method of cerebrally promoting a product or service is also called search engine optimization.

The engineers at Google figured out one thing early on: people hate spam! When people search for something online, they want real results that they can rely on. Often, they’re not looking to buy a particular product—they’re just searching for a solution to a problem. But if their issues are in your field of expertise, then that means you have the answer to their question—you just need to let Google know that.

You show Google that you’re an authority in your industry by posting blogs, videos, articles, and social media posts related to it. For instance, if you own a flower shop, then you can increase your search engine ranking by posting content related to taking care of flowers. People who are looking for botanical tips will come across your articles. The more people read your content, then the more of an authority you’ll become on flowers in the search engine algorithms. Another way to apply SEO is through the use of links in your content. Continue reading to learn what links are and how to implement them.

What Are Links?

Links are the highlighted text that you often come across in content on the web. When you click on the glowing words, they send you to another domain with content similar to the page you were just on. The power of links is that those two websites now vouch for each other in the eyes of search engines. One is lending its credibility to the other.

How Does Link Building Apply to Search Engine Optimization?

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising there is, and it’s used in many ways in marketing. Some companies offer their customers rewards or discounts for referring people. Brands with a lot of expendable capital often go get celebrities to endorse and market their products. No matter how sophisticated you get with your marketing, there’s still no better advertisement than one person letting another know that they trust a particular person or product.

Link building works a lot like the principle of word of mouth. The main difference with link building is that instead of getting the seal of approval from an individual, you get it from another entity with a high search engine ranking. That’s what link building is all about.

Companies like LinkLaboratory help companies to build links with integrity. In theory, you could just write some content and link a few words to any website that you choose. But, would you want a business of ill repute to do that to you? When you pirate your links or link your content to other sites without their permission, search engines frown upon it. Going to an SEO company with expertise in best practices and link building is the best way to ensure that your Internet presence remains credible.

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