6 Different Types of Bluetooth Devices

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Did you know that Bluetooth was invented in 1994 and was named after Vikings?

That’s not the only thing that’s interesting about Bluetooth; there are many different Bluetooth devices that you can connect to as well.

Are you interested in learning more about Bluetooth and the devices you can use it for? Keep reading to find out all you’ll need to know about Bluetooth!

What Is Bluetooth Technology?

Part of wireless technology is through Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology uses radiofrequency to share data through a short-range without having to use any wire. The high-speed technology pairs normally mobile phones or different Bluetooth devices together.

You can normally connect devices that are within thirty feet. For example, if you have headphones that are enabled through Bluetooth, you can connect them to your phone and listen to music without having to actually connect to it.

In fact, some devices can actually connect up to eight devices at the same time.

1. Headsets

One of the most popular types of Bluetooth devices is headsets. This lets you receive or make calls, listen to music, or hear audio without having to deal with wires or hands.

The headsets normally come with voice reorganization as well so that you can talk into them without having to hold a microphone. However, there are many other types of headsets as well.

For example, a stereo headset is the same as a traditional headset, but it doesn’t use any wires. This headset is connected by Bluetooth, but the distance range will be a little bit smaller.

You might also find a Bluetooth device for the car. This headset connects your phone to the car’s speaker system, and then you can make and receive calls. However, you could do this without having a mobile device as well.

2. Cars

Cars and Bluetooth are very popular. You can listen to music without having to plug your phone in. You can also answer calls, route maps on your GPS, read messages aloud, and narrate messages.

You’ll likely have to use mobile data when you use these features, but it can be very helpful and promote safe driving.

3. Printer

Many printers now come with Bluetooth. These printers can be connected wirelessly to print pictures and documentation from pretty much any Bluetooth device.

These devices might be laptops, computers, or even tablets. The devices will synchronize, and now they can connect to almost any printer.

4. Gaming

Many games can use Bluetooth on mobile devices to let you play with your friends.

While many can be played over an Internet connection, there are other games that can be played over Bluetooth. This can help you have fun with friends that are close to you, but it won’t work over long distances.

5. Keyless Entry

One of the other recent trends that incorporate Bluetooth is keyless entry. This was originally just in the luxury sector, but now more consumers are used to the idea.

This might be in a car, where a Bluetooth app can help to open the car door. As phones become more and more secure, these are great options to have a secure keyless entry.

There are also programs that will let you have Bluetooth entry into your own home, apartment, or hotel room. This system will recognize your phone when it’s within range of the door, and it will unlock the door for you.

You won’t need to use an app, push any buttons, or even pull your phone out. And when you close the door, it will automatically lock behind you as well.

You can always keep a regular key as a backup, but the Bluetooth is still secure and is also very reliable.

6. Digital Watch

A digital watch like the Apple Watch and FitBit can be synced via Bluetooth to your mobile device or tablet.

These watches connect without using any wires, and they can even be used as a remote controller for the device that they’re paired to.

For example, if you’re playing music on your phone, then you might want to change the song or skip it on your watch. This is great if you want to go for a run and don’t want to worry about having your phone on you.

How Does It Work?

A Bluetooth network works as a personal area network, and you can pair up to eight Bluetooth devices. The master device is the one that will start the communication with all the other devices, like your phone or your watch.

All of the traffic travels over links between the devices, but the master devices control them all.

When the master device sends a radio signal, it will expect a response from a connected device that is within that range. The slave device will respond and then synchronize so these can work together.

However, you could run into problems, like a MacBook Bluetooth not turning on. In this case, there might be something interrupting that network that you need to fix.

Discover More Types of Bluetooth Devices

These are only a few of the different types of Bluetooth devices that you can use, but there are many more uses and benefits.

We know that keeping up with the latest technology can be stressful and overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it on your own. We’re here to help you out!

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