Become a Pro User: 10 Cool Things to Do With iPhone

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In 2019, Apple reported there are around 1.4 billion active devices.

The jury’s out on what’s better Android or Apple but it’s clear we love our iPhone. Not only do they have a sleek design but they have tricks to improve usability and make your life easier.

If you’re looking for cool things to do with iPhone technology, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 actions to try today.

1. Make Your iPhone Flash When You Get a Notification

One of our favorite iphone secret tricks is to make your iPhone flash several times when you get a notification. It’s a great feature if you prefer visual cues.

To do this, open your “Settings” app and select “Accessibility”. Next, enter “Audio/Visual”, find “Enable LED Flash for Alters” and toggle the switch to “On”.

If you don’t want to be disturbed when your phone’s in silent mode, you can deactivate the flash.

2. Offload Unused Apps

The best way to use iPhones is when they’re clutter-free so they run smoothly. It’s every iPhone users nightmare to see the “Storage Almost Full” message pop up. Luckily, iOS 12 streamlines for process for you.

This feature automatically deletes apps you don’t often use without deleting the documents or data. To activate this, go to “Settings”, select “App Store”, and at the bottom toggle “Offload Unused Apps”.

All apps are then grayed-out on your home screen but you can reinstall them with a single tap.

3. Access the Calculator Faster

One of the best iPhone hacks involves the calculator. You can access the calculator faster by swiping right on your screen. Next, type in the operation and your iPhone will calculate it for you, far quicker than tapping through into the app.

If you use the Calculator app and you type an error, there’s a quicker solution than tapping the “C” or “AC” button. Simply swipe to the left or right at the top of the screen and it will delete the number you last tapped.

4. Create Custom Vibrations

You may have set custom ringtones for your friends and family but that’s not useful if your iPhone is on silent. Instead, assign custom vibrations to specific contacts.

First, open the “Settings” app, and select “Sounds & Haptics”. Choose “Ringtone then “Vibration” and tap “Create New Vibration”.

Make a unique vibration by tapping and holding however long you want then click “Save”. Lastly, name the vibration and assign it to your contact.

To do this, open the “Contact app”, choose your friend, tap “Edit” and “Select Vibration”. There you have it!

5. Find Your Lost Phone

When considering cool settings on iPhone, “Find My iPhone” feature is the best.

Sometimes we’re left with the dreaded question “where’s my iPhone?” But to quell any anxiety, activate the “Find My iPhone” feature as it lets you track your phone on the map.

Go to the “Settings” app by tapping your name then “Find My iPhone” for peace of mind.

6. Check Flight Status

In 2019, U.S airlines carried around 925.5 million passengers which means tracking flights has never been more important.

It also comes in handy if you’re flying as it tells you what gate to go to and the duration. First, open “Safari”, then enter the airline’s name and flight number.

Under the “Flight” table, choose your flight and it’ll tell you where the flight is and the latest information.

7. Mute Text-Message Threads

We all have a friend who sends hundreds of two-word messages which can overwhelm your iPhone with notifications.

Luckily, you can mute text-message threads which is fantastic for silencing brands who bombard you with promotions. To do this, open the “Messages” app and swipe left on the conversation you want to silent. Then tap the “Hide Alerts” button.

8. One-Handed Keyboard

As iPhone screens balloon, it’s difficult to type one-handed. But you can enable the feature that shifts the keyboard over slightly so you only need one hand.

First, hold down the emoji or globe icon on the bottom left of the keyboard. Choose the left- or right-handed keyboard icon and tap the arrow in the blank space that’s created to go back to normal.

9. Measure Objects With Your Phone

Forget about measuring tape, iOS 12 has a built-in tool so you can measure everything from rooms to objects.

Open the “Measure” app and move your iPhone around the room so it can analyze the area. Hold your phone so the camera points at the object you want to measure then move your iPhone around so a white circle appears with a dot in the center.

Line the dot up with the edge of the item then press the “+” sign. Drag to the opposite edge of the item and press the white “+” again. The app will then display the estimated measurement.

10. Prolong Your iPhone Battery

There’s no point learning how to use your iPhone if you’ve got no battery.

iOS 13 has a new option called “Optimized Battery Charging” which extends your battery’s life when it’s running. This feature slows the rate of battery aging by reducing how long your iPhone stays fully charged.

To do this, tap “Settings”, scroll and choose “Battery”, then “Battery Health”. Now, toggle the switch to the “On” position.

Those Are the Cool Things to Do With iPhone Technology

Now you know the top cool things to do with iPhone technology so you can maximize your use.

You can mute long text-message threads, find your lost phone, and even measure furniture before moving to a new house. Once you learn these, you’ll get much more enjoyment out of your iPhone. Have fun!

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