Use these Best Alternatives of Google and Facebook

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More and more people are becoming aware of what Google and Facebook do with your data and personal information. You might be shocked to hear that these websites are collecting things such as your photos, phone numbers, addresses, and even the messages you send.

If this doesn’t sit right with you we’ve compiled a list of safe alternatives to Google and Facebook for you to use. Below you will find both search engine and social media alternatives that won’t collect your information and our privacy-oriented

Search Engines

If you’re trying to find what’s trending, new restaurants in your area, or anything else, you might want to use Hot. This is a privacy-oriented search engine that does not store your data, track you, or use your searches for advertisement purposes. It’s relatively new, but those who have used it so far seem to really enjoy it.


Another great alternative to Google is DuckduckGo. This is a search engine that is most similar to Google out of the options listed. It doesn’t give you false search results based on your search history. The results are natural and organic. You will see the same information that anyone else does. This limits the search engine’s ability to target specific results based on your search history.


Third on the list is a search engine by the name of Hotbot. Have you ever been trying to search for something without being able to find the result you’re looking for? When you enter a search on Hotbot, you will receive organized results from several well-known search engines, including Google. This way, you will find the results you’re looking for quickly and without risking any personal information.


Did you know there is a privacy-oriented search engine that plants trees for the searches conducted using it? There is one, and it’s called Ecosia. It is very similar to Google but without the need to worry about your privacy. Without the risk of any of your personal data getting into the wrong hands, you’ll be able to help the planet and still find what you’re looking for.

Social Media


Ello is a social media platform that is similar to Facebook. One of the main differences . is that you won’t see a myriad of ads and your information will not be sold to third-party companies. The social media site is growing more and more each day and people love how secure and safe their profiles are. The majority of the users are artists and creative, but anyone can create a profile and enjoy using Ello.


Vero is another safe alternative to Facebook. It is unique in the way that it is subscription-based social networking. This means that you will not see any ads and it doesn’t collect your private information. Vero does collect information about how often you use the app, but you have the option to turn this feature off. Their goal as a social media network is to help you embrace your life by helping you enjoy social media without spending too much time on it.


Lastly, Mastodon is a newer social media platform that is making waves amongst ex-Facebook users. It is an open-source social network that is free. By looking at it you may notice some resemblance to Twitter. One of the best things about this social media network is that it is not owned by one single company and no one can monopolize off of your profile or the information you share.

Bottom Line

Search engines and social media are becoming more and more popular every day. With that being said, you shouldn’t have to risk your personal information just to enjoy social networking. The search engine and social media alternatives above are all privacy-oriented and will not sell your personal data. Hopefully, you will consider switching over to one or more of the options above. You can still have a good time online without having to worry about your privacy becoming compromised.

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