The 5 Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses 2024

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If you own a business, then you would surely need efficient accounting software to record your business’ incomes as well as expenses. Ideally, it is one of those vital things that you should purchase while starting the business. However, many business owners buy one only when they need to apply for loans or pay taxes.

As a small business owner, it is imperative that you keep a close eye on your business’ cash flow. You actually need to know what money is being brought in and how much is being paid out, and this is why it’s critical to have the best accounting software. You can opt for the Giddh Accounting program that can help you to accomplish your daily tasks – recording payments, invoicing customers, tracking expenses, reconciling transactions, etc.

In addition to this, the right accounting software can also be helpful in generating reports to analyze your business’ performance and at the same time, provide you an insight into your company’s financial health. Therefore, it is radically important that you choose the best financial accounting dashboard package for your business.

However, with so many small business accounting software to choose from, each having a different set of features, pricing plans, and a number of users, selecting the best accounting software could get a little daunting for you. So, here are 3 factors that you must keep in mind when looking for a reliable dashboard in accounting for your business.

  1. Costs – Would you prefer basic, inexpensive accounting software or an accounting application that is costly and loaded with a few extra features?
  2. Usability – It is another important factor to consider before selecting your business’ accounting software. What would you like to have for your business – desktop software or a cloud-based accounting system? How many users could access the software? What capabilities do you want your accounting software to have? Does the software provide a pre-installed accounting dashboard template?
  3. Features – What all do you want your accounting software to do? Do you want both accounts receivables and account payables tool in your software package? What reports can your software generate? Does it include ancillary services like payroll, time tracking, and project management?

Consider these 3 critical factors before selecting the right innovation accounting dashboard software to cater to your business needs. Always remember, the right accounting software will only make it easy for you to accomplish your routine accounting tasks but also show you a bigger picture of how your business is performing.

Top 5 Accounting Software For Small Business

Are you ready to choose an apt accounting software solution to meet the growing needs and demands of your business? Here are the top 5 accounting software packages with customizable accounting dashboard examples that could just be the right fit for your company’s diverse accounting needs.

1. ZOHO Books

This online financial accounting dashboard software allows you to manage as well as control the money flowing in and out of your business. It not only helps in managing your customers and invoices but also keeps all your business expenses in check. With ZOHO Books, you can easily monitor, record, and reconcile your business accounts and transactions and at the same time, collaborate with your accountant simultaneously for making better and more informed decisions.

2. FreshBooks

It is another notable cloud-based accounting software that is exclusively designed for the self-employed. With Freshbooks, you can ensure that your business decisions are based on real business data and insights. If you’re sending out recurring invoices and need some time-tracking capability, or you need to operate a subscription model business, Freshbooks accounting dashboard software could be the perfect fit for you. This software not only helps in keeping a proper track of your business but also allows you to learn the costs of operating your small business.

3. NetSuite

NetSuite, the world’s best cloud ERP solution, can offer a unified platform to your business to streamline all back-office practices such as CRM, e-commerce, and accounting. With its built-in reporting, business intelligence, and real-time business visibility, NetSuite accounting software can easily empower your business and unleash its growth in a better way.

4. Wave

With small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and freelancers as its target market, Wave is another efficient real double-entry accounting software package for small businesses. Since it is a cloud-based software, you can use it to access your data from anywhere alongside integrating your business accounting with invoicing, payroll, payment processing, receipt scanning, and other critical practices.

5. Intuit QuickBooks Online

IQO (Intuit QuickBooks Online) is excellent accounting software that offers receipt capture and 24*7 chat support along with PayPal and Shopify integrations. You can use it to track your expenses, send bills and invoices, run reports, track sales and taxes, send estimates, and organize receipts.


You would never like to leave your business accounting to chance. So, invest in the right software solutions that best fit your business and help your business to grow.

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