Enhance your Mobile App Marketing with these Social Media Strategies

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Just imagine, creating a revolutionary app but even after months of waiting, the app didn’t any place for itself in the market.

You would be disappointed, right?

But what if we told you that you can spare yourself from all this disappointment Just by integrating your Mobile App Marketing with some effective social media strategies.

Today, marketing is considered to be one of the strongest tactics for promoting a brand or a product/service. But do you think that the evolution of online marketing would be possible without the role of social media in it…an absolute NO!

Social media has entirely changed the game of marketing whether it’s for the retail industry, film industry or even web and mobile app development companies. It’s true that the app-making companies have joined the race late but that doesn’t mean it’s affecting their statistics.

So, if you are a developer or an entrepreneur who has a mobile app that you want to promote on the internet as much as possible then keep on reading.

Why should you use Social Media?

Social media, itself is a great platform which allows the user to connect with people from all around the world. With social media, anyone or anything has the capability to become viral and who wouldn’t want that.

Think of it as ‘How will your mobile app will reach your goal of 100,000 downloads if the majority of your targeted user-base is unaware of your app’s existence.’

If you are a budding mobile app development company, there must be a competitor that you follow. Now have a look at their social media handles to know that every successful company uses social media for promoting their brand.

But before moving on the discussion part of some of the most effective tips and tricks regarding social media. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to social media i.e. social media techniques change very often so you need to keep up with its pace.

Build an Online Presence for your App

Creating an online presence for your company is very crucial especially for outbound marketing as it tends to reinforce the service that your brand is offering to your targeted market audience. Because after communicating with your target audience, you will be needing a web presence to backup your brand’s image and the product/service that you are providing.

That’s the part where social media comes into action as it is the best place where you can easily interact with different types of people which can be turned into your potential customers. Instead of creating a single online presence, you can go ahead and create a separate online presence for each of your company’s mobile application.

By creating a separate online presence for your company and it’s mobile app, you will be able to cover a larger audience.

Build an Online Presence for your App

Social Media Advertisements

The term Social Advertising or social ads can be defined as an advertising technique that mainly relies on social networks and platform in targeting, generating and further delivering the marketing information.

The key objective of an app development company behind building a mobile app is the Revenue Generation. And with the help of these social media platforms and their advertising techniques, a company can achieve this objective by gaining more visibility worldwide.

Some of the most popular social media platforms to run advertisements are mentioned below:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

Consistent and Regular Posting

Regular and consistent posting is the thing that can either make it or break it for your social media marketing strategies. You cannot post infrequently because then your posts will be lost in the midst of hundreds and thousands of other posts.

And also you cannot post too often because then your posts will overcrowd the user’s social media feeds and they will likely unfollow your app’s social media account. There has to be a balance in your posting schedule and this posting consistency vary from one social media to another.

For example, according to Neil Patel himself, you should post 1 to 5 times on Facebook whereas, for Twitter, he suggests to posts from 1 to 5 times per day.

Note: The rate of posting also varies as per your audience engagement activities.

Consistent and Regular Posting

Analyzing Responses and Feedbacks

Building a mobile application and promoting it on different social media platforms covers just half of the road. If you want to fully complete the journey then analyze the responses and feedbacks that you will receive from your followers.

Now, the responses can be further categorized into the positive response and negative response. Both types of responses play an important role in promoting your product via social media marketing while creating a stronger brand image.

As a mobile application development company, it is your responsibility to resolve your app users’ queries and doubts regarding the mobile app and it’s working. You should also collect feedbacks from your regularly from the users and make improvements to the product/service as per the feedback received.

No Direct App Promotion

One golden rule that you must remember is that you should never promote your product/app directly. There are many reasons behind this statement, one of them being you don’t want to force the users to buy your particular product/service.

We know that ‘Content is the King’, so try to use this principle in your mobile app marketing. Create content for your social media profiles that will keep your target users engaged. For example, if your mobile app is related to a food and cooking category then create content that is related to the services that you are offering while covering some of the well-known international cuisines recipes etc.

Customers buy something that they think they need…so create the need for your app in the market through the social media platforms.

Another trending tactic is to share highly engaging videos as app’s introduction videos. With these introductory videos, you can lure the targeted user into downloading the app and trying out the app themselves.

So, these are some of the important insights that can come very handy in using social media for the purpose of efficient mobile app marketing.

Author Bio: Being a successful Business Analyst at Appdexa, Janet Scott keeps on getting new leads for this research and review firm.