Top 5 Surprising Marketing Strategies You Can Use To Make Your Small Business Successful

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Having a business is never a bad idea. The only challenge might be how to grow it into something that will live after you are gone. A business shouldn’t die with you. Small businesses have played a major role in many countries by combating unemployment. Unemployment has been a major challenge in many countries.

Unemployment amongst the youth is one of the reasons why there is no steady growth of the economy in most countries. Some countries have opened up funding programs that will enable most people to have and manage their own small businesses. This encourages entrepreneurship.

However, it is not easy to identify a market opportunity. You need to do a lot of research before you can invest your money in any business idea. Assuming you already have a small and operational business, you need to have strategies that will enable your business to grow.

These strategies can always be drafted into a business plan. This is one way of ensuring there is a reference point. As a small business, you need marketing strategies that are beneficial in terms of business growth and income. These strategies may include;

1. Facebook advertisement



Facebook is one social media platform that has risen against odds. It has scaled to heights no one expected. The truth is that Facebook started as a communication app. An app where people would share photos and also stored memories.

Currently, Facebook has been adopted by many business owners for its numerous functions. Any business will tell you how easy the process of joining Facebook is, and the other good thing about it is that it is free.

You can always run your business advertisement on Facebook. For a small business that might be struggling to get clients, this might be appropriate because it will create brand awareness to people all over the world.

The other reason to use Facebook is that you might not have the right amount of finances that can handle a televised commercial advert.

With Facebook, you will be able to tailor the same advert and post it online for free. Considering most people are online, it might serve you better than a televised advert.

Facebook allows any business to create an advert fit for a certain location, age group, and sex. It is one way of ensuring that the client doesn’t have to struggle to look for what they want, this is because the advert is specific. The customer can always narrow down to what he wants without wasting time.

2. Content marketing & Email marketing

Content marketing is a way of developing and distributing relevant and important content consistently, this according to The main aim is to achieve more profits to the company.

The only challenge of content marketing is that everything has to be almost perfect. There should be no loopholes or probability of distributing irrelevant information. You need to ensure that the quality of the content is acceptable across the board.

The quality should intrigue clients and in return generate more revenue in the long run. The content should also be relevant and be able to promote what your business offers. If you ensure that all this is done properly, then you will be in for an increased revenue.

The other strategy that you can use is email marketing. This is something very few people realize the benefit of. You ensure that you have a trail of everyone visiting your site by asking them to leave their email address.

When they register via email, you get the opportunity to be sending them emails about your products. It has proven beneficial because clients can exchange their emails for the information on your websites.

3. Staff & Consultation

The best part about your staff is that they can benefit you by marketing your business. You can always entice your staff with incentives to help you refer people to your business. In the long run, you need new clients to explore your products.

You can promise them a certain percentage of commission whenever they bring a new customer on board. This will be a good approach because they have better information about the products you are selling. Furthermore, people believe word of mouth more than commercial advertisements.

No employee will refuse an extra coin to help him or her make ends meet. Consultation is something that any small business should take interest in. It’s very unrealistic to expect clients to buy your products yet they have no clue about how they work and their business.

That is why you need to invest in customer care services that will offer a free consultation. The information the clients gather will help him or her buy your products.

4. Business groups and teamwork

Business groups and teamwork

The other thing you should never undermine is the power of unity and teamwork. Business groups will bring two businesses together and from that, they will be stronger. This is a platform that will ensure both businesses get maximum profits.

You can join business groups that have businesses with similar ideas to yours. You will learn a lot from different businesses. This is the kind of information you need when you are hungry for success and growth.

Business groups will help you know much about branding for nonprofits if you are running a non-profit organization. It is through the small groups that you can also market your business. From that, people will get referrals to your business.

5. Print media & events

The other method a small business can use to market its products includes the use of the printed materials. Printed materials include newsletters. The newsletters should always explain more about your business.

The information printed on newsletters will stick around for a while plus it will reach those who don’t participate on social media. Businesses have a misconception that everyone is on the social media.

The funny part is, some of the old people don’t trust the internet. So, when you print newsletters and brochures, you get a chance of marketing your business to them.

During events, you can always ask to speak and when you are given the opportunity, ensure you market your business to the best of your ability. This is one way of winning the hearts of any doubting Thomas. People are different, some only believe a word of mouth.