Why WordPress is the right-fit CMS for your brand?


Did you know that WordPress is the leading content management system in the world? There are various reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS which we will discuss later.For now let us look at some of the statistics.

Among all others CMS, WordPress has a market share of 58.55%. WordPress power 27% of the websites and almost 409 million viewers looked at 22.4 billion pages per month.

Does this mean you should use WordPress as your next content management system? Is it going to help you rank well on search engines? Is it the right choice for a responsive website?

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Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress as your primary CMS for your next business venture.

Advantages of Using WordPress for a Responsive Website

With more mobile devices than humans and the number of mobile internet users surpassing the number of desktop internet users, we are seeing a big shift in internet usage patterns.

More than 80% of users are using their mobile devices to access the internet. With Google putting its weight behind mobile friendly websites by creating a separate mobile index, you do not have any other option left.

In order to survive in today’s mobile dominated world, you need to create custom web design that can offer you more benefits for your personal brand.

Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress for your responsive site.

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Easy To Setup, Manage and Maintain

The pace at which businesses are evolving leaves no room for static websites. Today, you need responsive website that grows with your business. That is what WordPress provides you.

Setting up a mobile friendly website on WordPress, updating and managing it are as easy as one, two, and three. Keep your mobile users interested by updating your website with fresh content and information regularly without worrying about the pains and hassles involved in the process.

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One of the biggest advantage WordPress has over other content management systems is the level of customization.

It let you customize everything on your website and that could prove to be a vital weapon to have in your armory when creating a responsive website. You need all this customization to create a pixel perfect responsive website that can work flawless on any device user use to access it.


With so many WordPress plug-ins available, you can create virtually everything. All you need is a right set of plug-in to wave your magic and create a mobile friendly website that not only looks great but also functions even better, even on small screens.

You can also add new functionality to your website by using WordPress plugins. There is a plug-in for everything on WordPress and you just have to select the right one.

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SEO Benefits of Using WordPress

So, how does using WordPress will affect your search engine rankings? Whether it is Google or any other search engine, they all have certain criteria to evaluate web pages before ranking them.

The more boxes your website ticks the better chances you have to rank higher on search engines. It is as simple as that. Google loves WordPress because it takes every aspect of SEO very seriously.

Here are some of the SEO advantages of using WordPress.

  • URL Customization

Your website URL and its structure play an important role in search engine rankings. The easier it is for the search engine to understand what the web page is all about, the better chances it have to rank higher. Thankfully, you can easily customize your URL permalinks for every page of your website.

More importantly, you can add relevant keywords into the URL to tell search engines about the web page. This makes your URL structure search engine friendly.

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  • SEO Friendly Title Creation

Your next stop should be title of every page, which is another critical factor not only in ranking on search engines but also plays a key role grabbing the reader’s attention instantly.

Search engines use your web page title to determine what the web page is about and rank it accordingly. You can also insert your keywords in title to bring relevant traffic to your website that you can convert into paying customers.

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  • Unique Meta Descriptions

Have you ever analyzed a Google’s search entry closely? What does it looks like? A title, link followed by a small content snippet called Meta description, right. Use it to tell a short summary of the web page.

A well-written Meta description can increase the click through rate of your website. The default setting at WordPress facilitates creation of unique Meta descriptions that not only appeals to the search engines but also the target audience.

  • Categories and Tags

One of the best ways to help users in navigating your website is to divide your website into different categories. This will uplift the user experience of your website as users can find out what they are looking for more easily.

On the other hand, tags are used to make the website interpretation easier for search engines. Make sure that the categories and tags you are using are relevant and define the content clearly.

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  • XML Sitemap

A sitemap is the structure of your website that tells search engines and users about the linkages between different pages of your website.

Search engine crawlers read the sitemap to determine number of pages that exist on your site. With many WordPress plugins for creating sitemap for your website already available, the process of site map creation is a breeze with WordPress.

These are only some of the SEO benefits of using WordPress but there are many more. In short, it gives you control over minute details and every website element.

You can easily do what SEO companies do with WordPress without spending a dime and get your website on first page of Google. Now, let us talk about how WordPress can benefit responsive websites.

Do you know any other way WordPress can help you with your SEO and responsive website? Share it with us in comments section below.

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  1. Yes WordPress is beneficial for SEO, it provides to add URL and images related to article, which helps to redirect to a website or blog. WordPress gives quality backlinks to a site and increases the traffic also.

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