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With a managed hosting platform, you can rest assured about installing everything. This also means you don’t require worrying about the server setup.

Setting up a website involves a lot of technical expertise. You need to take care of coding a layout. However, availing of a managed hosting service will let you go hassle free.

Web hosting and installing WordPress to get your site online can be tricky. Thankfully managed hosting makes this process really easy.

What is Managed Hosting?

It is managed hosting when you pay a web hosting company full maintenance of your server. The service provider will then do the following for you:

  • Setup your server
  • Configure your server
  • Secure your server 24/7
  • Provide security updates
  • Supply data backups
  • Ensure the site runs smoothly

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Managed WordPress Hosting – Understanding The Basics

The term “web server” describes several moving parts. In simple words, this is only a computer meant to be online 24/7 in order to deliver websites to visitors.

A managed hosting platform installs everything. This means you don’t require worrying about the server setup.

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A web development company will install WordPress and optimize the server to load faster when it offers managed WordPress hosting. It will also provide other benefits including the following:

  • Malware sweeps & virus removal
  • Protections against DDOS/injection attacks
  • Automatic server updates
  • Automatic website backups
  • Problem solving whenever an issue arises

In case, you go with semi-managed hosting (or “unmanaged”) then you would require dealing with some of these things yourself.

Most of the hosting companies are very secure. They will offer protection to you from hacks/downtime. On the other hand, managed hosting essentially guarantees that you don’t require doing anything.

It is the most dependable way to manage a high-volume WordPress site while moving all the technical work over to the experts.

If you wish to get access to your server without any added responsibility then a shared hosting account will be a better choice. Unfortunately, these shared accounts are of very poor quality and do not go well with larger websites.

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For a WordPress website handling over 100k page views or more, then a managed server is the best choice. When it comes to properly compare managed hosting against typical “unmanaged” hosting, the key is to understand about web hosting.

Hosting a Website – The Details

All websites run with the same software. The details keep varying. For instance, a typical WordPress website will require the following things:

  • Web server software
  • PHP software
  • Database software

These environments are set up by both managed & shared hosts automatically. Buying an unmanaged hosting account will still get you this software pre-configured.

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The main difference with unmanaged is that you would require doing the following:

  • Install WordPress
  • Install your own theme
  • Manage your own data backups

Although the process is not very difficult, you need to spare, ample time or patience to learn which may not be possible. Another aspect of web hosting is the email.

A lot of companies want to set up their own addresses which are usually included with managed hosting. A mail server is a different thing altogether. This is also the reason one should go with the managed route.

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At present, WordPress is the simplest way to launch a website. It also has wonderful security built into the framework.

Therefore, if you decide to go with a managed host, you are actually saving yourself a lot of time while foregoing the possibility to customize & tweak the server.

Since there are genuine pros & cons to both sides, the final choice will depend on your situation.

Managed vs. Unmanaged WordPress Hosting – What’s the Difference?

The comparison can be complicated as the catchphrase “unmanaged” has a few diverse meanings.

When it comes to managed hosting, it works as a catch-all solution offering everything that makes your life easier. So you can expect everything from setup to installation, configuration, and constant maintenance for the payment you make.

With managed hosting, you can feel hands-free and let your own dedicated IT team handle the entire server stuff.

However, this is not the case with unmanaged hosting. First, it is important to understand that there are two different types of unmanaged hosting:

  • Unmanaged shared servers
  • Unmanaged VPS/virtual servers

Shared Servers – These are horribly slow. They are only useful for small websites. Also the performance isn’t great.

VPS/Dedicated Server – The hosting provides you with full control over a virtual server. This means everything from setup to configuration and maintenance is solely your responsibility.

Although shared hosts are unmanaged, they still come with responsibilities. When you try a shared host, you will still require doing the following:

  • Update WordPress on your own
  • Check for security flaws
  • Check for hacking attempts on your site
  • Watch server loads
  • Avoid overloading the server
  • Backup your website
  • Keep website backups safe

A huge number of shared hosts have support teams that can help you. However, they won’t always do all the work for you. And this is the biggest difference between a managed vs unmanaged.

You may have to pay more for managing WordPress hosting. However, it is generally worthwhile. Once you pay the monthly bill, there’s nothing much left for you to do.

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Reasons to Go Managed

It is quite surprising how managed hosting prices tend to fluctuate. While some plans may be as low as $20 a month, others can move 10 times up or even more.

The real benefit of going with managed hosting is ease of use. It makes for an amazing option for webmasters who don’t have ample time or patience to learn server administration.

Since managed hosting platforms specialize in whatever they do, your site will get the VIP treatment.

Users can enjoy the ease of mind with managed hosting. With this kind of service, you are actually paying for professionals who are aware of how to optimize a server, make it running fast & restore it in the best condition.

With managed hosting, you’re guaranteed the following things:

  • No technical setup at all
  • Faster & easier problem solving
  • Regular website backups
  • Updated software & frequent security checks
  • Faster server speeds with high uptime

You may not have a great time handling this stuff on your own. However, if you have decided to do so, there’s nothing wrong with learning basic server admin skills. This makes for a valuable asset!

On the other hand, going to managed helps you a lot. It saves you time, hassles, and ultimately give you some peace of mind daily knowing your site is in safe hands.

Now the question is whether managed makes for an ideal option for you.

WordPress is a hot favorite for all. But what about managed hosting? Does it really work? Why not? It comes within your budget and needs. The best part is that it respects your technical skillset.

In case, you are willing to pay a little more for offloading technical stuff, you will go managed really well. This means you can fully focus on running your site while experts handle the stuff.

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