Wireless Earphones Buyers Guide

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Wireless earphones provide ease and convenience to users, especially to gamers and music enthusiasts. If you’re in the market for wireless earphones, then this quick guide will help you figure out the type that you need, along with the pros and cons of each earphone model.

Earphones Buyers Guide

Types of Earphones/Headphones

There are three types of wireless headset designs available in the market today. Each one of them has its pros and cons:

In-Ear Models

In-ear models are the smallest types of wireless earphones. They are also called earbuds due to their size and shape. They are the most portable type of wireless earpieces.


  • Portable.
  • Has noise-canceling features.
  • Great for running, cycling, and other exercises.


  • Still have wires.
  • Sound quality is not their strong point.
  • Wires are shorter, but they can still get tangled during storage.

On-Ear Wireless Models

On-ear earphones are bigger than earbuds, and they don’t enter the ear canal. These earphones are designed to sit on top of your outer ear. They are more comfortable, and they have a band that goes over your head.

Note that this design will still have the drivers of the earphones right on top of your ears. That gives you better sound and less irritation for your inner ear.


  • They are portable. Yes, they are bigger, but they can still fit inside a small bag. Plus they usually come with a nice looking case so you can carry them wherever you go.
  • They are a sure-fire way to get a step up in sound quality from in-ear headphones. They make your listening time much better.
  • These earphones are designed for people who appreciate more bass and a fuller sound spectrum.


  • Headphones of this type have a classic issue—they have a hard time with noise isolation. These earphones are designed to sit on top of your ear lobes. As such, there will still be ambient noise coming in, and you will hear them.
  • They are also slightly more challenging to carry. Yes, these earphones are portable but expect them to be a bit bulkier.

Over-Ear Type Headphones

These are the largest wireless earphones that you will find. This is probably the type that you are most familiar with since they are heavily advertised nowadays. What they lack in portability they make up for in sound quality.


  • They are the most comfortable types of headphones to wear. They don’t sit inside your ear or hang on top cupping your earlobes. They are designed to wrap around your entire ear, which is the most comfortable configuration for wireless devices of this type.
  • They also have the best battery life. Since they are bigger, they can fit bigger and more powerful batteries, ergo they have longer battery life than most types of wireless earphones.
  • They also have the best sound quality. They cancel out the noise completely since they are designed to cover the entire ear.


  • Over-ear models tend to be the priciest models out there.
  • They are also the most difficult to carry around due to their sheer size and bulk.

Finally, when you’re in the market for wireless earphones, you should make sure that the model you’re buying can provide a degree of noise cancellation. If you have a few extra bucks then spend it on an earphone that is waterproof.

If you also have the cash to spare then you may also look into bone-conducting models that don’t drive the sound into your earlobes directly. This adds a layer of protection for your hearing.

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