5 Reasons Why Blogging is a Great Way to Earn a Passive Income

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Have you considered starting a blog? Are you hesitant to do so because you are concerned about hosting fees, the time it will take to keep the site up and running, or things of that nature? Running a blog can be a great way to bring in some income without spending a fortune to do so. Thanks to several passive income opportunities linked to blogs, you might find you earn cash with very little effort on your part while sharing knowledge of something you love with others. How is this possible?

Offer Resources

Men and women often have hobbies they engage in and want to share with others. For example, a woman may love to quilt and have patterns she has created that she can offer for a profit. Once the pattern is posted, people can buy it for years to come providing her with passive income. Men who love to build furniture might do the same and bring inside income with little effort on their part. Here’s a great guide on how to start blogging and build an audience interested in purchasing resources and products of this type.


Wouldn’t it be nice to own a retail business, allow others to do the heavy lifting, and bring in some much-needed cash? Having a blog that makes use of dropshipping now allows one to achieve this goal with ease. Promote a product on the blog. When a person wishes to purchase the item, he or she places an order through the blog’s eCommerce feature. Once the blogger receives the order, the information is sent to the supplier who is responsible for packaging and shipping the product to the buyer.

No physical inventory must be maintained, nobody must take packages to the post office to be shipped, and no packaging service will arrive regularly to collect packages. However, income comes in for each sale completed.

Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is a great way to start or expand one’s affiliate marketing efforts. Anyone who has ever read a blog likely saw ads on the site that promoted various products. What many don’t realize is clicking on one of these links and purchasing the product provides the blogger with passive income. The site selling the product rewards the blogger with a small commission for sending the visitor to their site.

In fact, some affiliate marketing programs now provide this commission even if the buyer doesn’t purchase the item he or she clicked. They offer these funds if the visitor buys anything. Imagine how much money this could bring if from a popular blog, and you’ll see why affiliate marketing is a favorite of many bloggers.

Challenge Readers

Men and women often love a little friendly competition. Imagine creating a blog and inviting readers to take part in a challenge. For a fee, they will receive instructions on a daily or weekly basis on how to participate. To make it more interesting, have them post pictures of their progress and award a weekly winner. More people will join simply to try to win the prize. Passive income comes in every time someone signs up, and the instructions can be automatically sent with no need for the blogger to do anything.

Teaching Opportunities

Start a blog and share a skill with others. For example, a person may start a blog and offer basic information about a craft. Knitting is a good example of how this type of blog can bring in passive income. The blogger can share a new technique or stitch each week. In between these learning posts, he or she might share information about a project currently being worked on or a new yarn that has been found. In addition to the basic skills shared, the blogger can offer more advanced technique videos or instructions for an additional fee or walk readers through a project step-by-step and have them pay for this guidance. Not only will the blogger earn money by sharing advanced skills at an affordable price, but the posts between the learning posts may bring in money through affiliate marketing.

Use multiple money-making methods to monetize the blog. Most require little effort on the blogger’s part but can bring in a nice amount each week, month, or year. Start a blog today. You may be amazed to find you can generate a nice income while working anywhere you have internet access and when it is convenient for you. It’s definitely worth a try.

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